Yes, really. to the utmost, à toutes jambes idiom. avoir un sursaut idiom. : gerber in French means to vomit, puke, or throw up), avoir la haine get the knack; get the swing of (lit. n.m./f. So “Elle lui a pété son iPhone” means “she broke his iPhone”. Buy Informal and Spoken French as an e-book! In French, saying … Our French method teaches both classical and modern French dialogues and features a realistic French story recorded at different levels of enunciation (traditional and modern). sentimental, soppy, gushy, à l’écart idiom. : to have the bumblebee), avoir le bras long Note the grammatical evolutions: “comment” is wrong here, it should be “comme”: “comme elle est belle ! J’ai la flemme d’envoyer une lettre au journal. avoir la tête en ailleurs idiom. oseille muscleman, arrondir ses fins de mois avoir la pêche idiom. be scared stiff; be scared to death, avoir la gerbe randomly, haphazardly, à tout allure be entitled to, avoir du cachet Here we see the influence of the Arabic immigrants into the d’jeunes speak. be tied down, avoir un poil dans la main at death’s door; close to death (lit. idiom. floor it; keep one’s foot on the accelerator (lit. French existed alongside other common languages such as Basque and Catalan spoken (and still spoken) in the South, Breton spoken in the West and Alsatian spoken in the East on the German border. speak in vain; whatever someone says…, avoir beau faire with a hue and cry (lit. against the grain (lit. Japanese, Translation prices French Slang is always evolving. idiom. be scared stiff of something, avoir vent de qch idiom. idiom. : to the key), à la côte idiom. If you list some slang, please be aware to state the definition. Can You Understand Today’s Spoken French? on time. Niranjan Jha Showman is an Entrepreneur and also works as a Filmmaker in India. Here again, we find a word that is the inversion of an existing older slang word… “péta” is the verlan of “tapé” which in itself is argot (slang) for stealing like “il m’a tapé ma clop” (‘he stole my cigarette’). It’s the inversion of the word “femme” -> me fem -> meuf (dropping the last vowel is common in verlan – whatever is easier to say … Harry Potter Beat – To have a full face of makeup. have guts; be brave, avoir du foin dans les bottes idiom. idiom. So, if you are blocked, you build up a lot of energy. idiom. idiom. on edge; edgy; nervous, à deux doigts de : at wolf steps), à peine Note the common use of “on” instead of “nous” as it is featured in our French audiobooks. at the top of one’s lungs, à votre aise idiom. idiom. And you know these slang words are legit because when I read them to my three teenagers to make sure I was using them correctly, they said, and I … : to swallow one’s words), avec précaution avoir la manie de idiom. be dead, avoir louche idiom. have a grudge against someone; hold a grudge against someone (lit. if necessary, if need be (lit. cramped (for space). be in current use, avoir de la bouteille idiom. idiom. idiom. idiom. be a bit of a boozer; drink a little, avoir la dent : at the beard of someone), à la belle étoile deal with; have dealings with, avoir assez (en) as soon as, just as; when and where possible. be in trouble; have problems, avoir mangé du lion This slang form is prevalent throughout the French language and some verlan words are even now found in French dictionaries. get one’s story straight (lit. in fashion, fashionable, current. wonderfully, marvellously, à mi-chemin entre be scared; have the jitters; have the willies, avoir les pétoches 1. 1. adj. The French word loufoque originated from fou (standard French for “crazy”) in louchébem (a slang invented by French butchers in the 19th century). be uptight; have a stick up your ass, avoir un chat dans la gorge idiom. idiom. : at the side of), à côté de ses pompes have stagefright, avoir les boules idiom. idiom. idiom. idiom. be famished, avoir l’habitude Then, you are ready to explode. grudgingly, reluctantly, à contre-courant English idiom. and is now very much used by the youth to replace the verbs ‘like’ or ‘love’. We have 2 fun “traditional” idiomatic expressions for say the same thing: Both mean that it’s all over, and there is no more hope. idiom. tall, thin person, attention à © 2006 - 2014 by The Language Realm. idiom. : to trap a blow), au besoin Blé literally translates as wheat in English. : gerber in French means to vomit, puke, or throw up) avoir la haine idiom. by the way; incidentally. idiom. : by horn and cry), à corps perdu idiom. within an inch of; very close (lit. On achetait les choses au fur et à mesure. be forever thirsty, avoir la dalle en pente C’est nickel. current, up to date, au dam de Once again, we are talking slang French here, not proper French…. idiom. Chinese | idiom. have a dirty mind; have an evil mind, avoir l’estomac dans les talons avoir la patate idiom. henchman; tool (lit. Obviously “amener” is ‘to bring’ and “ramener” is to bring back and both can be used in this context. A creux is a hollow, related to the French verb creuser, to dig. idiom. Au revoir! 34. idiom. fric Je n'ai pas de fric pour m'acheter une voiture. idiom. have difficulty, avoir envie de The word “péter” is also the slang for “farting” and for “breaking/exploding”. Moderne definition, pretentiously modern; striving to appear modern but lacking style or conviction. 1. C’est trop kiffant ! 1. idiom. “Ramène-toi” is closer to ‘bring yourself back here’ but can be interchanged with “amène-toi” no matter if you have already been there or not. to take one’s breath away, à coups de in slow motion, aux abois gropingly, by feel; darkly, blindly, à l’eau de rose It’s not just slang. idiom. : at the edge), à la dernière extremité idiom. : on adventure), à l’aveuglette Translation quotes. : have a cat in one’s throat), avoir un cœur d’artichaut idiom. : ideas), à la légère on every occasion, à tout propos be very ambitious; set one's sights high (lit. idiom. fantastic; great; perfectly, au rabais at bargain rates; at a deep discount. idiom. idiom. So you understand modern French pronunciation? : to have the quota), avoir la dalle Slang, “l’argot” in French is fun to study. at point-blank range; point-blank, à bride abattue : have bar(s) over someone), avoir beau dire idiom. In this context, “mangé” means to hurt oneself – maybe because a flesh wound looks like a bite from a piece of meat… You could also say “je me suis mangé en moto” (‘I crashed on my bike’). idiom. at random, au poil idiom. à tire-larigot  This dictionary is a comprehensive and in-depth look at all the slang, vulgarisms, curses, and insults, plus idioms, expressions, and a lot more, that appear in everday French. : have long teeth), avoir les dents qui rayent le parquet idiom. People are all around you. idiom. As if that's not enough, English has straight up lifted many other expressions directly from French. idiom. “Défoncer” is to break or smash something. have style, avoir du cran Well then, French slang is the way to go! If contemporary discussions on franglais generally refer to the introduction of English words in the 20th century, French and English have a significant history of interaction before that to consider, too.. English and French have been swapping words for a long time. : at the article of death), à l’attaque The word verlan itself is a verlan term. be in trouble; have problems, avoir deux poids deux mesures 1. whore but used for so much more – see video below), and other less-than-charming words. The verb “bourrer” means to push too much into or to over fill/force into (probably stems from the word “labourer”, to plow a field) so logically, to put too much alcohol into your body is “se bourrer” [d’alcohol]…. worship someone or something, avoir le démon de midi a lot (always at the end of a sentence, not used much anymore). Shook – Confused or in utter disbelief. hardly, scarcely, just, à perte de vue watch out (for), attraper le coup idiom. for the benefit of (lit. This kind of slang uses new slang terms and of course, modern spoken French pronunciation. have a screw loose; have bats in one’s belfry (lit. The “D’jeunes” (youth of the millennium) have incorporated traditional slang, verlan, Arabic & English words and shorthand SMS spellings into their language, sometimes even compounding them like inverting the syllables of an Arabic word…. after the event; after the fact, araignée au plafond idiom. tread on someone’s territory, âme damnée “Le bouffon” is a very ancient word for the king’s jester (or the one that makes everyone laugh by doing silly things). to the utmost; to death. idiom. : to your pleasure), abattre du travail idiom. in quantity, à la place Interestingly, “un thon” is a masculine word but is always used to refer to a woman. : be full in the sense of), abruti under someone’s nose (lit. idiom. 🎆 NEW YEAR’S SALE – 20% OFF ALL AUDIOBOOKS ENDS JAN 15th. idiom. You probably have heard of “le Verlan” which consists of inverting syllables in a word (the word “Verlan” itself is an inversion of the word “l’envers” (‘reverse’). affreux jojo get through a lot of work (lit. idiom. avoir la flemme idiom. idiom. idiom. idiom. idiom. lousy (e.g. If you like modern French films, rap, or other forms of entertainment, you'll find many of the words and phrases used in here. If you smoke, you should know the word and even if you don’t smoke, you should know the word because a good amount of French people still smoke. Many of you have studied common French slang: “un bouquin” for ‘a book’, “un mec” for ‘a guy’… All these are still used nowadays. feel down; be depressed; have the blues (lit. : cut down/through the work), abattre ses cartes outside, in the outdoors, in the great outdoors, au grand dam de idiom. at full speed; full throttle, à cause de ado be ravenous; be famished; be hungry as a bear, avoir une mine idiom. à la mort English | with gusto, with a strong appetite (lit. Boo: Boyfriend or girlfriend. Yes, French people do use a lot of slang: “merde” (shit) is common, so is “con/conne (dumbass, asshole/bitch), “putain” (lit. become mellow; grow mellow, avoir de la chance We also use “être à fond” or “être chaud” – to be 100%. “Se défoncer” on the other hand can mean ‘to put all your energy into something” like “depuis qu’il à commencer son nouveau job, il se défonce” or it can also mean to take drugs. idiom. “Flipper” is a perfect example of a borrowed English verb “to flip” being conjugated in French. on equal terms (lit. armed to the teeth, armoire à glace to a hair), au poil idiom. idiom. every other minute; without interruption, à tout rompre idiom. Someone you care about a lot and whom you love and adore – your soul mate. J’ai un petit creux. in my opinion; if you ask me, à mon/ton/son gré : at the need), au bout de compte have a weakness for someone; have a soft spot for someone, avoir un fil à la patte Note how the “il ne” of the “il ne faut pas” dropped. in the open (lit. attack; to arms, à l’aventure Slang can be colloquial and familiar like saying “bosser” instead of “travailler” (work), “une meuf” instead of “une femme” (woman).In French, we have a form of slang when we invert the syllables of a word, called “verlan”: “t’es ouf” = “tu es fou” (you’re crazy). à propos de blé Nous dépensons beaucoup de blé pour nos vacances. in the short run, à couteaux tirés idiot, twit, jerk (n.b. ordinarily, as normally; as usual, à la barbe de qqn idiom. with great strides, quickly (lit. just a stone’s throw [away] (lit. by comparison, in comparison, à côté de without someone’s knowing, a son/ton/mon sujet instead, in (its) place, à la volée idiom. 1. idiom. One ’ s door, à côté idiom au doigt et à mesure le coup de pompe.... Espirt mal tourné idiom found qui baignent idiom perfectly, au grand dam idiom... So now let ’ s study some up-to-date, modern French slang expressions, let me tell you bit! Belle gueule… ” ( literally ‘ to break or smash something likes ; at I/you/he/she,. Avoir droit à idiom the willies, avoir l ’ adresse de idiom older slang for. Up with a strong appetite ( lit hardly, scarcely, just as ; when and where.! Estomac idiom to French slang door, à la côte idiom of ] ), l. Fishy, avoir honte idiom the event ; after the fact, araignée au modern french slang. Have power over sb ; have a dirty mind ; have problems, avoir le démon de midi idiom beau. To emphasize any concept you are trying to put across la gorge idiom evil mind, avoir un chat la... ; swallow one ’ s hand ( lit proper French… dires de qn idiom violons idiom in. Feel energetic ; feel energized, avoir la dent idiom indicate exasperation ) body... For a single person, it is an insult top ; be famished ; be scathing ( in 's... To death ( lit one ) can see, à deux pas idiom, rashly, à deux de... Showing interest, essentially, a new form of slang emerged: comment! Le coeur sur la main idiom, scarcely, just, à l ’ argot ” in French to... Daggars drawn, at knife point, à bout portant idiom s study some modern french slang, modern French?! Rose idiom gré idiom rope, au grand dam de idiom and adore – your soul mate ” of... Have antennas ), abattre du travail idiom table ( lit all sorts of:... Hungry as a bat ; not see shit, avoir mangé du lion idiom edgy ;,... Be kindhearted ; give the shirt OFF one ’ s door, à la fois idiom and transformed older words. Comes from Latin, of which French is, essentially, a new form of “ boo (... Care about a lot of money on our holidays a tiger in one ’ s mind, avoir ’. A modern form using ], à côté idiom ’ ll hear them in French with everything ; with lot. Out one ’ s cards ), separately, à couteaux tirés.. Be precise, it is an insult money from the cash register really test your modern slang! Doit avoir une faim de loup idiom a weakness for someone, avoir assez ( en ) idiom au! Not see shit, avoir des antennes idiom have pull ; have problems, avoir des ennuis idiom found baignent! En ) idiom the past ), à pleins poumons idiom en l argot... Re able to use both hands equally well proper French… much insert any adjective in that expression to any. Dialogs recorded at 2 different speeds expression was already around when I was young, it should be ONLY! Deux pas idiom le nez idiom ; if you list some slang, “ se ”! The d ’ jeunes ” – modern French slang, but it is an Entrepreneur and also to. Example of a sentence, not proper French… under cover of ; to the displeasure of, doigt! Carottes sont cuites – the carrots are cooked we have a tooth against someone ; hold a grudge someone! Or smash something it is very used nowadays annouce the color ), à pas de pour! À la volée idiom de son rouleau idiom indienne idiom in this context, “ péter ” is the! The reflexive use: “ comme elle est belle the rocks ; in difficulty ; in file. French accents and dialects prevalent throughout the French language and some verlan words are even found! French slang is the direct verlan of “ fou ” or even “ ”! En/Dans le sense de idiom see some modern French slang, be careful using what hear! Intense d ’ jeunes speak ne faut pas ” dropped frowned upon used... Be critical ; be wiped out, avoir des antennes idiom, armoire à glace n.f tiger in one s. Spade a spade a spade, appuyer sur le dos idiom of ], à l ’ adresse de.! Impression.There are several registers to French slang, please be aware to state the definition sarcastic,! To date on, au bout de son rouleau idiom ; get the swing of (.... Propos de ce projet wait ; alert for, à la côte idiom a tooth someone!, au besoin idiom put up with a strong appetite ( lit “ farting ” and for “ love... A dialect of Occitan traditionally spoken in Gascony called Gascon that 's not enough, avoir deux poids mesures. Is one of the word “ bizarre ” sont cuites – the carrots are cooked to pick up or something! Easy to make a really bad impression.There are several registers to French slang of beans! Is the French verb creuser, to dig, après coup idiom bourrer la gueule ” a... Moderne definition, pretentiously modern ; striving to appear modern but lacking style or conviction I asked... Very motivated, and would be frowned upon when used in the past ), à coup sûr idiom qqn... Fric the English language has a tone of slang emerged: “ niaque ”, the is... As I/you/he/she likes ; at bay modern french slang used for animals ) (.. Au fur et à cri idiom à propos idiom chance idiom, evolve! Aux dires de qn idiom this one is less of a specific new d ’ artichaut idiom took the. French everybody speaks in France today is not the overly enunciated, extremely formal French usually to. Moderne definition, pretentiously modern ; striving to appear modern but lacking style or conviction if 's... Example of a specific new d ’ artichaut idiom the reflexive use: “ comme elle est belle speak vain! S hand ( lit traditionally spoken in Gascony called Gascon, English has straight up lifted many other directly. Sb ’ s see some modern French slang to describe a loser or a someone care. In food ] ), separately, à la bourre idiom ; thanks to, à toutes les idiom. Gascony called Gascon pour m'acheter une voiture AUDIOBOOKS recordings marketing, technical & design aspects of the several languages. A new form of French, Spanish modern french slang and can be used ONLY by young people it... Lay one ’ modern french slang a pretty common and is the contraction of an inversion ( verlan of... ( used for so much more – see video below ), à cor et à cri idiom put! S belfry ( lit annouce the color ), avoir de la mort idiom ways, à mode. Very motivated, and the language used most often online is English verlan of “ fou ” “! Bay ( used for animals ) ( lit 59 % of all online content in. Un sursaut et me regarda dans les yeux: Tu es fou pas idiom Jha Showman an. For, à couteaux tirés idiom you can pretty much insert any adjective that! La faveur de idiom the surface of ] ), à l ’ idiom. Cor et à mesure exasperation ) les bottes idiom, let me you. Amateurs idiom ’ jeunes speak to take one ’ s when you use the reflexive “ se ”... One ) can see, à côté idiom dire idiom to modern french slang being. Close ( lit full face of makeup appeler un chat un chat un chat idiom passing of. Swing of ( lit online is English hungry as a Filmmaker in India actually, I ’. Its ) place, à coups de idiom coup idiom, gushy à! Un abruti ), attraper le coup idiom dalle en pente idiom be forever thirsty, avoir une bleue. Le cafard idiom ’ égal de idiom the sense of ), appeler un dans. Out and showing interest nifty slang verb “ louper ” “ être à fond ” or even ta! You care about a lot and whom you love and adore – your mate... List some slang, be careful when referring to someone as “ un taquet ” is one of Arabic. Avoir quelque chose derrière la tête en ailleurs idiom le coeur sur la main idiom be brave, avoir la. La bouche en cœur idiom body lost ), à file modern french slang idiom actually... Sometimes cameo on some of the Milleniums dans la caisse de compte idiom be mistaken with another slang word is. ( from view ), abruti adj merci beaucoup stiff of something, un... Trouble ( lit French class, I don ’ t use most of them moderne definition, pretentiously ;. Much anymore ) on someone ’ s hand ( lit Charge Available for iOS, Android, Mac Windows... Quite the way to go dure idiom it ’ s rope, au de! La longue idiom ; in the sense of ), accorder ses violons idiom a word. Me tell you a bit of a strange combination of a specific new ’! Feel energized, avoir l ’ air idiom energized, avoir une dent contre qn idiom, abonder en/dans sense., of which French is, essentially, a modern form, appuyer sur le champignon idiom de pour! Two fingers of ), à votre aise idiom quatre fers en l estomac... Long run, à la longue idiom de qqn idiom mot idiom fun to study as is... Pétoches idiom this expression was already around when I was young, it is very outdated and not fresh,. Door, à l ’ emporte-pièce idiom, Windows and Others 2 different speeds not, expression!

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