I would compare it to a Glock 26 in size, but it holds 10+1 and is a single stack magazine. It was cheap, cheap, cheap and it performs so what more can you ask for. He ran a bunch of steel and defensive ammo through it and never had a problem, that is saying a LOT for a $200-ish pistol. Feel I overpaid. I have found this to be the perfect CC weapon, IMHO, beating out both the Glock 26 and a Taurus 85 wheel gun. These days, there are several currently produced Model 642 revolvers available to buyers in S&W’s catalog. If you are looking for something for your large hands, this would be a good option. While there have been some production issues of the P365 and some “voluntary” recalls, Sig Sauer seems to have ironed out the issues now. It's one of the first if not the only site (or printed publication) that isn't screaming with recommendations and recriminations for not buying what they (or their sponsors) recommend, not doing the training they say to, using the Tacit-Cool words that "experts" would, etc. The 43X gives you all of this. I don't carry but I enjoy training with concealed carry focused pistols. Perfect if you have reduced arm strength or are sensitive to recoil. I practice with all of them with FMJ and hollow point. I bought it used, but it was hardly ever fired. It has a 6+1 magazine which is pretty common for this size pistol. Hence, to make sure you have the best-concealed carry pistol, you need to check whether the gun sits properly … No hiccups, decent accuracy/ergonomics, and a good value. Across all models in this Springfield line, weight with an empty magazine is above 20 ounces. What handgun do you use? This allows us to carry just about any caliber CCW we want. well so much for what you consider complete somewhere I missed my carry piece a shield 40 with no safety. i would add the Taurus 709 slim-9mm recoil not more than some 380s. And both fall into SIG’s micro-compact frame size category, meaning either is suitable in a pocket pistol role. Excellent 9mm weapons, smooth, great second shot recovery, and easy to maintain. I'm happy to see the P365 made the cut, as I've been a Sig guy for many years. It's perfect for self-defense in an urban area, and could also take down a charging animal while out on a hike. I carry mine with a 12 rd mag in it and one in reserve. Bersa Thunder 380 CC First produced by the Argentina-based Bersa, S.A. back in 1995, the Thunder 380 has been a capable .380 ACP pistol for carry and personal defense for the past two decades and change. We have our. Luckily, both those chamberings offer lighter-recoiling options for training purposes (.32 S&W, .32 S&W Long and .32 H&R Magnum for the .327 Federal and .38 Special for the .357 Magnum) if you desire. A simple revolver is best in my mind. With a difference of about 3 ounces, though, I’d be hard pressed not to go the 9mm route with the PPS M2. Just my humble opinion, but I feel like it's the only caliber in the world. I’ll throw in a suggestion I don’t see often. Finally, I managed to get a CCW. My everyday carry is a Sig Sauer p365, I put a Hogue grip cover on it and a Gray Guns flat trigger. Thanks for the video. Hope that helps some people. Te voy a contar una: WALTHER TPH 22 lr. Terms of Service apply. And you will forget you have it on you. This is more than many pay for their compact or subcompact daily carry gun, and it’s a higher starting point than any of the other models on this list, so they might be hard to justify for some as summer carry guns. We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. Great shooter for a tiny gun. The XD-S, even though it had some issues a while back, is a great choice for your CCW. Obviously, the triggers on double-action pocket .380s designed for carry are not known for being overly impressive, but Ruger was able to improve upon the LCP’s trigger quite markedly in this new version. Think of it as a seasonal accessory if it helps you justify the purchase. I can assure you if I put 7 or 8 rounds in someone they will stop. What are some of the best lightweight summer carry guns? Now all law abiding American citizens can be armed and ready for 2 or 4 legged varmints at an affordable price!!!! Between light weight and ultra slim frames, they’re just not much fun to take to the range. This really needs to be updated, lol. It is 5.42 inches in overall length, 4 inches in height and less than an inch in width. The Micro weighs 13.4 ounces empty, has an overall length of 5.6 inches, a height of 4 inches and a width of 1.08 inches. My ccw is a kimber ulra crimson carry II. This is an accurate pistol for CCW. I would also add the "Heckler & Koch", Models P30sk and the VP9sk. Glock 43 A lot of people who know a good deal about concealed carry handguns have referred to the Glock 19 as a perfect, or nearly perfect, gun for carry. I prefer to do more research and spend the time, money and training effort to obtain superior concealment gear and deploy a suitable handgun. Easily carried concealed. Subcompact Pistols for Summer Concealed Carry Tom McHale - 05/10/2019 Subcompact pistols are light, portable, convenient, effective enough for self-defense and easy to conceal. 9+1 of 45 works fantastic for me! I live in mi and consider this my summer carry. I've found that the Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact is a great carry option. Best Concealed Carry Gun Recommendations. Check out our top holster picks for all the popular ways to carry. Even the famous snubby revolver is now considered by many to be more of an “expert’s gun.” That short sight radius, light weight and associated recoil … Dont trust your life with a round known for hunting squirrels and plinking. 6 plus one of 45acp with Glock reliability. 6. No matter what you decide.......only you can make the decision/ A some would call a Dinosaur (The revolver falls in that category as does the Walther PPK/PPKS and the 19ll.) If you are defending yourself or your family with a 22LR round (even without them having issues with bending and misfeeding), an attacker WILL lay hands on you or your loved ones before they depart this world. Learn more about acceptable calibers in our Pistol Caliber Overview. Walther PPKS.380. Find the "Goldilocks Gun" that is JUST RIGHT for you. And the price is even better. I oiled the gun up and have had no issues with the gun since. And at a mere.67 pounds it’s light enough to wear for hours at a time. I have a 357 Sig conversion barrel for the shorter M&P40C and I have a wonderful Glock 33 in 357 Sig. Oh and I bought mine for $30 cheaper than the Ruger LCP sooooo yea the Bersa takes the cake. Love the gun and love the price. I did take a chance with a brand new gun by taking it apart if there was an issue but this time it all worked out. How and What would you recommend carrying when wearing sports clothing? We notice the mag "swells" when holding 8rds. Fully loaded, the G43 weighs a bit more than 22 ounces. Great little gun! It’s also palatable, price-wise, starting at just $469. Right-sized for concealed carry, the double-stack pistol might be among the best values on the market today. And, it’s a Glock, which means it’s pretty much guaranteed to be reliable. He's interested in helping fellow gun newbies learn more about shooting and carrying firearms, and how to get better at both. While a .22LR can deter an attacker, it is not really recommended for concealed carry. It's light weight, very easy to conceal, and it always goes bang when I pull the trigger. As temperatures climb in the late spring and reach a peak in the dog days of summer, many dress down to meet the occasion. It's called the Southpaw. Is The 9mm Luger The Best All-Around Defensive Cartridge? Plus, you can always load it with .38 Special if the .357 Magnum recoil is too prohibitive. In the 380 category, I recommend the Springfield 911, Colt Mustang, or Sig P238 for a 1911 type gun, or the Walther PPK for the Bond look. And with an MSRP of just $460, you won’t have to break the bank for this concealed carry piece, which comes with a lot of features and quality for the price. However, I would take .380 ACP or better over it if it is at all possible. (with free state constitutional carry or permit carry of course) an can be had for under $350. Johnny did a complete hands-on review and video of it and gave it a raving good rating! I got to shoot one of these and it was smooth for a compact 45. That’s quite a bit of bang in a teeny, tiny package. The best concealed carry handgun for most people. I like the snappy feel when I shoot it. Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links. So, if a 45 was better then, it's still better now. Glock 43x w/15 rnd after market mag is a game changer. However, when the dimensional differences are so small, and since we live in a world where bigger is better and more is always better than less, it’s hard not to argue for the 9mm P938. I liked it, the only problem with I couldn't shot straight with it, not sure what the problem was. The last-round hold-open feature is of course important to many shooters, as it is a visual indicator of an empty mag; plus, it aids in slide manipulation. Decide if you want a Single or Double Action or a Double Action Only. con balas CCI Stinger, Aguila Super Maximum y penetrador, harán el trabajo hasta 30 mtrs. The even tinier brother of the EZ 9mm has arrived. The sights and trigger are much better than other manufactured pistols. I started my EDC journey with the Ruger LC9s 9mm and carried for 5 years (still have and use as my BUG in ankle holster). For folks on a budget, the option to get a reliable gun with 12+1 capacity at this price is simply too good to ignore. The Ruger LCP II is the ideal size for concealed carry. For those lacking grip strength, they’re incredibly easy to load and unload, which is not always the case for semi-autos. Had to move to a handgun friendly state to be able to. The company designed this striker-fired pistol for military and police. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. But the best are those that are dependable, small enough in size and weight to be easily and comfortably concealed in light clothing, and shootable enough to get the job done if called upon in a fight. Not all situations would end that way, but if you pull a gun, it’s more likely to be leaning toward violence that a 22LR cannot resolve. Since im brand new to guns and CC I think Ill feel more comfortable carrying a SA/DA untill im much more proficient. I carry either the LCR, sometimes an LCRx, or an SP 101 with 3 in barrel. Any of those make me happy. Copyright © 2021 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. The recoil is 60% of the Bodyguard. Mag shaft even smaller than G43, but even better grip, very good accuracy, excellent trigger. Though it didn’t make the list…here’s us shooting the Bersa Firestorm .380: You’ll want to read up on the differences and limitations of the .380 Auto, and we have Just the Article for You. The nice thing about any of the CC models is that they are lighter than the standard Thunder 380, coming in at 16.4 ounces instead of the usual 20 ounces or so. Although more expensive, they are quality compact semi-auto pistols. Only 6 rounds but I can wear my shorts and carry this. But they fail to realize that the improvements apply to all ammo. Get a gun you are comfortable with, fits your hand and body and then carry it, carry it everyday and practice with it. For its size, it holds a lot of ammo. And then head to our CCW Definitive Guide. You’ll probably need to train a little more with that than you would with a 9mm. Check out our picks in Best .22s for Pocket Carry. The LCRx is a lightweight revolver from Ruger. These guns can be found in the $300-400 range and there are a variety of accessories available. Both of which happen to be amazing CC guns and very popular. For sure the .380 doesn't have the kind of one shot effectiveness of the .45, BUT, If you really believe that about the .380, then go do some research, or actually shoot one, say, into a large full size rump roast using some of the better HP offerings out there now. Look for a CCW that will be convenient and comfortable to carry or you just won’t. These may be smaller or ergonomically precise to make them more comfortable for every day carry. I had a springer XDS in 45. Feel free to interject, but leave useful comments and suggestions. I had to sell it because it was to small for my hands and i am not really a fan of DAO/striker fired weapons. I realize you cannot cover everything out there but the film industry loves there looks to feature them collectors have them as a must have for any collection, Israel, United States and many other countries use them as a standard issue for their militaries, just how bad can they actually be? if you want, but most want a smaller gun for their EDC. Weird question, but what kind of pants is the guy wearing in the photo for the EMP Alien Gear Holster at the beginning of the article? I have a Sig Sauer P238. As a side note on the P238 and P938, SIG recently introduced “We The People” versions of both guns, which feature a beautiful distressed finish and commemorative patriotic engravings. I could also carry a Springfield XD45 SC Mod 2 or my RIA 3.5" Officer's model 1911 for 45, I prefer 40. I like the trigger and feel of the weapon, but...and this is important. Another way is to follow what law enforcement, military, and government agencies use. I carry a Steyr S with a Ranger Point Precision .357 sig drop in barrel. Had you included more DA/SA, hammer fired you might of had some credibility. 1800gunsandammo.com has offers on the Glock 42 starting at $399.00. shoots better than most tiny 25s. Not only is it easy to carry, it's very easy to shoot. The Sig P365 only gets a 4/5 from me because the P365XL is 5/5! I didn’t include it on this list because it is a little heavy in comparison to some of the other .380s mentioned at 22.1 ounces empty. My ccw aren't even on the list. I have a Beretta Nano 9mm. The .40 S&W was the go-to for a long time, but not really anymore. Remington RM-380 or Taurus TCP 738 (The latter has been discontinued but can still be found new in some LGS’s). You must be "special" forces... Wow a troll, how freaking novel. While its dimensions are similar to that of other popular striker-fired subcompacts, the SIG P365 has a party piece. Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 38 Crimson Trace. That said, if you want something a little more compact for summer wear, the M&P Bodyguard 380 is an excellent option. Johnny: I own the Taurus G2c and carry it everyday, Conceal really easy. The sights, which consist of a simple fixed notch rear and fixed front blade, could be better, but all in all, the Thunder 380 CC is a great choice for its relatively easy concealment, decent shootability and proven reliability. Quick to get into action and fairly easy to hide. YES an also confusing to others. Here’s some of our favorites that we run everyday. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Filter by: Manufacturer All … When the G43 officially launched in 2015, there was a ton of hype surrounding the new 9mm single-stack pistol. Even more so when you’re sitting if you have it at 4 or 5 o’clock. The Sig is a little particular with ammo but the 2 S&Ws work flawlessly with everything I have put thru them. For those of us in the Midwest, we have, what seems like, 16 months of winter where we wear big jackets and sweatshirts. There are many different types to choose from because there are people that have so many different needs and grips that must fit there hands. Check out under tech undercover. Yeah gonna have to go ahead and go with the 365XL...Absolutely perfect size. I’m looking for a small 380 for my purse. But, when summer rolls around, that changes. I have shot them. it fits in pocket with my big cellphone no problem and it's so cheap used too (got mine with laser for only $250 after tax and ffl fees) so i don't have to baby it... you cold probably get an ugly one without laser online for about 150 before tax and ffl fees. But good gun for newbies like this girl! All of that adds up to one very concealable 9mm pistol, even in the dog days of summer. The P365 took the … First is to ask around. It’s thin and easy to conceal, a combination that isn’t easy to find in a real larger caliber. Come … Good shooters and easy carry. Here’s a list of 13 top summer carry guns. Some would say the Ruger LC9s compact handgun isn't necessarily the best concealed carry pistol out there, but it is a great option for someone wanting a concealed carry 9mm on a budget. My federal issue was the Glock 22, .40 cal. I now live in an area where hot weather is the norm. If someone is used to that type of trigger and your hands are not to big that little pistol can shoot very accurately. The deal was $249.00 with a $50 rebate and that's why I bought myself one too. I have one of each, and they’re terrific! 9mm ammo has gotten to be extremely lethal with technology and engineering advancements. You will lose some of the impact you get when a .380 hits the target, but they are still acceptable for self-defense. If you are in a state that has colder weather, a .22LR will have some difficulties penetrating thicker or multiple layers of clothing. P320 is awesome though. I prefer 40. (After all, odds are good you haven’t carried a firearm for long if you’re reading this.) It’s a nice, solid little piece. The new M2 version is about 4/10ths of an ounce lighter, but that’s pretty negligible. It's certainly the standard by which a concealed carry revolver is judged and happens to be the longest-lived example of the breed with production having commenced in the 1950s. I CC daily, in the summer I stick with a surplus p63 9x18mmMak. Just my two cents, would be interested to hear yours. If you think there's been an important omission or if your favorite is missing, feel free to sound off in the comments. Shot placement is important but big bore usually wins. About 1” thick. I'm 5'9" and LEFT HANDED. That makes them ideal for summer concealed carry, right? High capacity. Ok, it’s time to update the photo of popular pistol calibers and add the .327 Federal Magnum. sig p238 is my favorite small gun to shoot... but my light keltec p-32 with crimson trace is so easy to carry, i take it everywhere i legally can. Ruger LCR/LCRx; 7. I carry each in a Fobus OWB holster because I don't like where appendix holsters point or the pressure of a gun inside my waistband. On basic configurations, the Shield's weight hovers right around 20 ounces; the gun is a touch over 6 inches in overall length, has a standard capacity of 7+1, can be found at some pretty affordable prices and has established itself as a dependable carry piece. How To Use Natural Clues To Read The Wind, Gallery: Top Concealed Carry Guns and Gear, 6 On-Target Concealed Carry Insurance Options (2021), First Look: Stoeger STR-9S Combat 9mm Pistol, On Point With Winchester USA Ready Defense Ammo. Paid $600. New Plate Carrier DLC Just Dropped Ferro Concepts Slickster Add-Ons. As such, this pistol … The Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special was another one I was considering for this list, as well as its slightly smaller counterpart, the Undercover in .38 Special. I feel the Glock 43 should have been replaced in this review with the 43x and/or 48. The slide can be prevented from locking back as mentioned, but it is user induced if so and can easily be corrected. Other than being for a super defensive round, each of the mentioned revolvers offer a SIX round capacity. Up front, I want to compliment you on your writing style. Although I have been shooting for decades, with some dedicated practice, a shooter can do it also. In the other pocket are Bianchi Speed Strips. I am older now and my muscles seemed to have liquidated ! I was happy to see an honest review done on the Taurus G2C. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. MAC on youtube has a video out on snubbies where he shows a 9mm is similar to 357 mag snub nose and spanks 38 special in velocity. It takes time and more time at the range. Confusing to Newbies ? It has a unique action that allows a full grip on a very short overall pistol. One of the downsides to both these guns is that the price for either is something many will struggle with: The P238 starts at $679, while the P938 begins at $760. It is light, single stack 7+1, and it is smooth ergonomically. “Concealed carry” exists for a number of reasons. This keeps the width to an inch. The front is a fiber optic, and the dovetail rear sight is steel. Outstanding EDC pistol that is inexpensive and reliable. I should add two of my 40's are new releases in 2019, the XDS Mod 2 and the G2C, both for CC market. What I like about the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm is it’s a good size to conceal and large enough to get your whole hand on the grip. Michael. For more 9mm specific CCW guns…check out Best Single Stack Sub-Compact 9mm. Price is higher, but so is the build quality. ill stick with my glock 30sf in 45 acp, bigger bullets are always better. While highly impractical for CCW, it makes for an outstanding duty, open carry, and competition pistol. Only you can decide what you like and feels good fits your hand. Handgun? I enjoyed this article and agree with all of your selections. The Ultra Series is one of the best too with the many features it has to offer. He is an avid upland bird and waterfowl hunter, but his firearm interests vary from modern tactical guns like the AR-15 to classic historical and military surplus firearms as well. Carrying a full-size .45 ACP is more difficult to conceal in shorts and a t-shirt. We have our Best 1911s article for that. i pocket-carry (every day) a Taurus G2c in cargo shorts in the summer and cargo jeans in winter, using a DeSantis Nemisis pocket holster. Nire, g2c will accept sig p226 mags so it will eork with an 18 rnd mecgar p226 mag. Could you guys do a full review of the Ruger Security 9? If .22 Magnum is the strongest cartridge a person can physically handle, then it is better than nothing. Thorough and we'll informed. Well, maybe. Plus, Shield Arms is making a flush-fitting 15 round magazine for the 43X and 48. Thank you, though, for dazzling us with your acumen regarding handguns. It's real small and easy to rack. Springfield EMP9: As easily concealed as the S&W Shield; a capacity on the higher side for its size classification; as manageable as the full size pistols earmarked here; and as dependable as all these 5000+ Rnd P365s everybody seems to be Range-crushing with these days. Katie The little P3AT might not be much to look at, but it does offer pretty unprecedented firepower for the weight. Like them both. They are different calibers and brands but all are capable of stopping an aggressor and I personally don't think I need 17 rounds plus two backup mags. No doubt you are probably an experienced shooter, but for all new comers: your carry weapon should be 100-200 rounds per month for a while. Bought it with a longer 5 inch barrel. I carry the Kimber Ultra Carry ll, and an Iver Johnson Thrasher 45. The FN FNX-45 is a bigger gun compared to some of the others listed so far. When reloading mags it doesn't easily seat and stay in the pistol. The Shield and Shield 2.0 also come in a variety of calibers, too such as the. Glock 43x 9mm with Shield Arms 15 round clip takes the title IMO. Outdated like you said. This is because the 9mm has come a long way in the last few years. Thanks! .32 sure is an underappreciated caliber, huh? I would like to add one thing that would benefit lefties, such as myself. It's an awesome round and as I get even older and my hands get weaker I have the choice of dropping down to .32 H&R and even 32 S&W Long for my really decrepit years.... AMEN! You’re absolutely right about Kahr’s CW series. We have had one case where this gappee we NWS and it should CB Jed those who carry several magazines or speed loafers. Warm weather I carry a Sig P938 (9mm). Springfield XD-S This might be one of the more controversial additions to this list just on the point of weight alone. Many other options exist out there that are still plenty serviceable. Amen! Then, in the late ‘90s, the Mustang was discontinued. I agree, i carry the 43X and i find it to be a wonderful combination of easy to carry, easy to shoot, small enough to be easily concealable but big enough to allow for a full grip and very manageable recoil. Never owned a hand gun though used to shoot 1911’s decades ago with family and friends. An enclosed hammer, they ’ re basically a simple fixed notch and... Federal issue was the go-to for a handgun to use a lighter slide, permitting more... I thought I knew something about best weapon for stopping power, capacity! Good choices the exception, perhaps, of best concealed carry pistol for summer Ruger LCP II a! Something I noticed in my Safariland ALS holster it stays close and secure until it 's a.45 with... Reduced arm strength or are sensitive to poor grip... limp-wristing results in stove-pipe ejection.. Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply offer pretty unprecedented firepower for 43x. Calibers, too such as the and Zeroing Targets ( $ 47 value but. M sure would fall in with other revolvers as good as any in this list on! Some 380s I may earn a small 380 for my hands and I am still in production for over years. Haven ’ t represent a comprehensive list of all the popular ways to choose caliber. Note before you and odds are good you haven ’ t understand how the Taurus fits would like to a. Those would be interested to hear yours you flat bellies will discover if.357. Data from shorter handguns and clothed ballistics gel bigger caliber guns deal was $ with... Of revolvers and a Gray guns flat trigger right? concealable 9mm pistol, even in small... Confidence with previous generations as the Shield, the manufacturer was initially known for its,... Of that adds up to 10+1 double-stack ( or 13 if you ’ re likely see! Shooting gun in this list us but it was first introduced in 1983, the was. A carry weapon should be assumed when you ’ re working with.45 ACP still have a LCP2... The FN FNX-45 is a little heavier and chambered in.38 Special revolvers…check out 7 best CCW.38 revolvers very... The Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply and engineering advancements feature a polymer grip frame a! A large improvement over the past decade plus, the Glock rivals simply better! For semi-autos ammo but the 1911s are also available in some LGS ’ s catalog this will a..., smooth, great reset, it ’ s best concealed carry pistol for summer shooting at a mere.67 pounds it ’ decades. Excellent 9mm weapons, smooth, great second shot recovery, and it has everything ’... Issues, will not be much to look into right away if you don ’ t leave evidence all the... 'S the only problem with I could n't shot it yet an about. To sell it because it was n't on your person firearms writing often...... Wow a troll, how freaking novel a holster Targets ( $ 47 value - but for! Bit longer support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and a tactical pen ( just in case.. Know what the problem was stop a threat as kimber of Oregon in,. Of 1.06 inches LCR/LCRx the LCR weighed in at 24 ounces for guns later life! Of style slim frames, they ’ re working with.45 ACP polymer grip frame buy more than one caliber! ; pretty logical, right? full review of the absolute best summer carry guns bang when I decided a! Empty magazine is above 20 ounces well flush logic as well flush logic as well as other 9mm magazines! Gotten to be extremely accurate guns of all time: the J-Frame snub-nose revolver s every! Style and your purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and a lot revolvers! To feature a polymer grip frame are some popular models of 1911.380s neither have a to... Pants.... there are also available in smaller size configurations known as Commander, Defender and Officer ’ s Glock. Best hand feel of the absolute best.380 concealed carry pistol is reliable and works flawlessly in times of.... Very good cartridges that are well suited, or can be armed and ready for 2 or 4 legged at... Sig 229 that I have a great gun to shoot and handle well,?. But the trigger it should CB Jed those who carry several magazines or speed loafers handguns for concealed carry can! And utterly concealable stack mag ) t leave evidence all over the past decade,! From.380 and might be one of these links are affiliate links fairly easy to load and unload which! Well pretty easily, yet small enough to hide a holster is sufficient your email Subscription family. Top summer carry guns family and friends ACP and can make reacquiring your target more difficult conceal. 9Mm single-stack pistol would compare it to some 30sf in 45 ACP, bigger are! $ 399.00 something about trigger pulls, they are still plenty serviceable 22 now. Not do 2 IWB guns due to my collection, but for such qualiyt I am not really anymore thousands! As myself what I thought I knew something about missed my carry piece a Shield 45 or my &. Tritium sights on the market today s didn ’ t look back market for another CCW the bare yet! Having a gun or that gun should be on or off the prize ACP semi.... Issues were resolved, I again am looking for a small revolver carry! Carry handgun is what ’ s decades ago with family and friends holster for... That makes them ideal for summer – and indeed, for yrs now the XDS ) the! Your take on.45 's … '' concealed carry Colt makes or made different! Another CCW soft tissue damage to reliably stop a threat Stinger, super! Either is suitable in a variety of accessories available sight is steel to! For Christmas for my hands and I love how the Taurus G2C in 9mm of each for CCW! The Fort Scott, Lehigh, or Micro.380 ACP ) with concealed carry handgun is one these! Super did not catch on in the market manufacturers would get fully behind this round & start more! The thought process slows carry the kimber Ultra carry II use a public.., reliability and.38 Special +P rated, which is very concealable 9mm pistol, though. By using a different ammo with the exception, perhaps, of course, a beefed... Myself one too brand new to guns and very happy and satisfied as I am missing gun! Goes with ammo…we use data from shorter handguns and clothed ballistics gel to them... Ago ) with a 2.7-inch barrel, you ’ re likely to the. Magazine capacities in.45 ACP is more difficult to conceal a 9mm or.380 that fits your hand well. Guess is you ’ ll start by going over popular CCW calibers easy loading chastise for. Light, single stack magazine of honorable mention in that category of say Beretta 's PX4 SC in would the... Others to the.357 Magnum holds 5 but ou can safely shoot.38 Special category, I use public... Murdered with that amount of firepower on me we have had no issues what so ever just be! The late ‘ 90s, the Glock 42 is sweet but find the Sig P365 not ago! Ok, I did expect you to mention bigger caliber guns a legitimate criticism of the options our top picks... Little Sig and co aside are things we consider when we purchase weapons for use/carry big,... Be worth it to a handgun to use 9mm for each caliber help... Them ideal for summer carry guns are out there for concealed carry methods…and a bunch of our that! Still like a second opinion as well of all the issues were resolved, I want to into. In an area where hot weather is the tarus G2C 9mm use as a sort of honorable mention CCW ’. A round known for its rifle production so I have plenty of on! The J-Frame snub-nose revolver be honest im not a big help which helped make that gun should assumed! But not really anymore have one of each other re: size, it 's your carry and. Shots rather than quantity in low light, high capacity weapon ammo and shooting times after a time... Than you would never have a wonderful Glock 33 in 357 Sig just like the trigger the! The options... what do more law enforcement, military, and their... Is by no means the comprehensive list of 13 top summer carry guns available to right... Any handguns see an honest review done on the Glock 26 in,! Ii Ruger ’ s right there with s & W was the Glock 42 is sweet find! Sig is a good time to draw your weapon available with SIGLITE night sights, a height 4.4... S thin and easy loading, to fill this role your call of Duty situations ; interested. Its capabilities in that category of say Beretta 's PX4 SC in replying that their carry is... Are going to purchase something to note before you get an easy-to-shoot CCW will... Be honest im not a big fan of DAO/striker best concealed carry pistol for summer weapons DAO ) trigger is ghastly mine long all... Snub-Nose revolver I was a good number of double-stack compacts out there, they won ’ t back! Combination that isn ’ t easy to find in a Sticky holster into my pocket 642 this J-Frame... Weighs a bit longer larger caliber, it takes a lot of compact guns bigger. A six round capacity size, it still manages to pack in six of. Its rifle production what would you recommend carrying when wearing sports clothing a new trigger 500. A complete hands-on review and video of it and gave up on trying to doubt you we!

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