In ancient Africa, Rhodesian Ridgebacks were successful in chasing and harassing lions … 55 th Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty Championship 7/8 Oct 17. The name was also changed from ‘lion dog’ to Rhodesian Ridgeback in an attempt to stop them from sounding so savage. After all, they are all bulldogs, right? The Ridgebackis a relatively recent breed, dating back to the early white settlers in Africa, to fill several roles; They wanted a large, powerful and agile dog that could be used in hunting, particularly for lions; but that would also be a family - friendly dog around the home , AND be an intimidating guard dog to protect the family and homestead from marauding animals and human bandits. Such quirks aside, the most valuable quality that persists in the dog under the ridge is the very same one that caused a seasoned hunter like van Rooyen to mourn each time he returned from a hunt without one of his Lion Dogs. Doggie day care usually doesn’t result in a new breed. So, please research the breed to see if a Rhodesian Ridgeback is the right breed for your family and life style. This fierce, bold breed has been mixed with a whole lot of purebreds to create several designer breeds. Some breeds also need concentration in certain areas of training as they have a tendency to struggle with them. The Dutch inhabiting Southern Africa in the 16 th century used to describe these dogs as “ugly”. He was accompanied by his wife, their infant daughter, and Powder and Lorna, two presumably ridged female dogs said to resemble rough-coated Greyhounds. While never intending to create a breed, van Rooyen nonetheless did, taking a hallmark trait that was commonly found among the first dogs his Boer ancestors had encountered, and making it indelibly associated with the kind of fortitude and savvy needed to survive in their beautiful but dangerous new homeland. Mar 6, 2019 - Art and collectibles about the Rhodesian ridgeback dog. French Bulldogs are one of the more unique and fascinating dog breeds out there and […], Bulldogs are one of the most unique and adorable dog breeds out there. This is why knowledgeable fanciers always refer to their dogs as “Ridgebacks” for short – not “Rhodesians.”. Of course, this will be to varying degrees throughout the breed with no particular specimen being the same. Rather, they were used to chase, harass, and corner lions until the human hunters could get to them and shoot them. Despite that description, European settlers saw many interesting features in these African quadrupeds. The dog's short and shiny wheaten coat, meanwhile, helps the dog adapt to hot climates. This new breed was able to hunt by sight and sound, were devoted protectors, and could withstand the hot and cold temperatures that Africa had to offer. Shop for rhodesian ridgeback art from the world's greatest living artists. There, in the mid-1600s, the Dutch East India Company established a port at the Cape of Good Hope where ships could refuel and restock on their way to and from the tea markets in Asia. (Though that country in southern Africa is now known as Zimbabwe, the breed’s original name abides. However, type Rhodesian Ridgeback lion killer’ into Google and you will come up with many threads, sites, and videos that are not helping, or are still asking if it’s the truth. Many owners praise their affectionate yet sassy personalities. Despite their size, power, and protective spirit the Rhodesian Ridgeback is highly unlikely to be able to kill a lion. They were not, however, expected to, nor did they kill lions. Returning from his expeditions with horns and hides, he also captured wild animals and sold them to European zoos and wildlife parks. However, that is not strictly the truth. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) , the breed is thought to be a combination between Africa’s Khoikhoi dog and several other breeds. Take them everywhere with you, that you can, even before their immunizations are complete. Whilst near Rasape, in Zimbabwe, a cave painting was found displaying the burial preparations for a chief. Some 200 years later, in 1875, the Reverend Charles Helm left the Cape and traveled north in an ox-pulled wagon to Hope Fountain, in the southwest corner of then-Rhodesia, to run the mission there. Before we get to the dog-sitting episode that brought these famed lion-hunting dogs into being, we have to turn back the clock and head south, to the tip of the continent. “All we have and are is a gift of grace to be shared.” 1. All rights reserved. Welcome to Lionshare Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. No Zimbabwean Zipperbacks here.). They started with the local, fierce little Hottento… Because spay and neuter was hardly a priority in the African bush, the females interbred with von Rooyen’s pack, which was believed to include Greyhounds, Irish and Airedale terriers, Collies and Bulldogs, which were longer-legged and more agile than the breed we know today. Once known as the African Lion Hound, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, who hails from southern Africa, was originally created for hunting purposes. It’s not known if van Rooyen selected Lorna and Powder’s puppies based on whether there they had a ridge or not. You would think that, by this day and age, myths like this one would have been dispelled, and that people would know that the Rhodesian Ridgeback as a killer of lions has been debunked. Since no one dog that was present fulfilled all the criteria of their emerging standard, these dog men took a buffet-like approach, selecting the ears of one, the tail of another, and on and on. Rhodesian Ridgeback We have dedicated our lives to the betterment, advancement and enrichment of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. However, the Rhodesian Ridgeback has developed into far more than just a guard dog, it has also been welcomed into many people’s homes as a pet, and part of the family. Since the Rhodesian Ridgeback tends to be loyal to the point of being mistrustful and standoffish with strangers, they need to be socialized well and from an early age. This is most likely why this dog is known for its bravery. Egyptian tombs from around 4000 BC, for example, displayed a painting of hounds with drooped ears and distinctive ridges on their back. This site is owned and operated by Sviat Oleksiv. The ridgeback was bred for a specific purpose in the wilds of Africa. Whilst the hunting gene may have lessened in the Rhodesian Ridgeback over time, it is still there. © The American Kennel Club, Inc. 2020. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. Can Rhodesian Ridgeback hunt? They are characterized with a ridge on their back. All rhodesian ridgeback artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Although the colony flourished, the settlers wanted to start over as farmers. In the 1870s several of these dogs were taken to Rhodesia for the purpose of hunting lions. You should also expose your Rhodesian Ridgeback to as many of the natural noises in and around your home at an early age. This is probably especially true of African countries where the threat of predators preying upon farmers’ livestock remains the same. But as time progressed it became clear that the ridged dogs were more successful hunters, likely owing to their native Khoi dog blood. Another professional hunter and close friend of Selous also knew the Mission well. Borrowing liberally from the Dalmatian standard, which described a dog that, like their own, needed to be able to trot alongside a horse or wagon all day, these early fanciers crafted the Ridgeback version. This name alone, gives the idea that they were indeed used to take on lions. For example, whilst some people allow their dogs onto the furniture, others do not, and this needs to be taught to your dog as behavior that is not acceptable. These people of German and Dutch ancestry came to be known as Boers (a Dutch word meaning “farmers” or “husbandmen”). I’m Sviatoslav Oleksiv and this web-site is the place where I nerd out about Pets. Choose your favorite rhodesian ridgeback designs and purchase them as wall … Pretty much like the prey drive which still exists within the Rhodesian Ridgeback, the protection gene is still there too. They do this intrinsically by growling, barking, and placing themselves between their family and the threat. During the mid-1600s, Dutch traders set up a colony and shipping hub at the Cape of Good Hope. Rhodesian Ridgebacks mainly rely on their muscular powerful appearance and intimidating stance to warn predators away. They are smart, gorgeous, fluffy, funny, playful, and loyal – what’s not to love? But he would undoubtedly recognize the old souls beneath. See more ideas about rhodesian ridgeback, rhodesian ridgeback dog, dog art. Today, though, they’re a cult classic of a dog. Today, although we aren't hunting lions, we can all be nefit from the character, nature and physical attributes that the early pioneers and hunters relied on. The hunting gene or prey drive as it is commonly known, in the Rhodesian Ridgeback may cause them to chase other animals such as squirrels, rabbits, birds, mice, and even other domesticated pets such as dogs and cats. Always, a pack of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs was used to corner the Lion, and then a hunter would shoot him down. Hi! We are a KUSA registered breeder and lovers of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs - always striving to produce quality Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies with an excellent temperament, occasionally available to loving homes. We are so proud that they send pictures back to us. Visit the post for more. And traces of that genetically imparted wisdom are in evidence even today: No matter where they live, Ridgebacks will almost universally refuse to leap into a standing body of water, because such an impetuous act in their native Africa would likely result in being lunch for a crocodile. Dogs are not born naturally knowing these things and have the need to be guided. There were no organized breeding programs, but, being a dominant trait, the ridge persisted, in the Boer dogs as well as the Khoikhoi ones. The Ridgeback was able to perform a variety of tasks – coursing and bringing down large antelope, fending off baboons, herding the occasional ox, and protecting the kraal, or livestock pen, at night. If they are not well socialized, they can end up being fearful and showing fear of aggression. We, humans, are very good at grabbing hold of something that we hear and passing it off as fact. Then again, most pooches aren’t babysat by 19th-Century big-game hunters. Though not particularly attractive with their pricked ears and jackal-like bearing, these ridged dogs were hardy and had a seemingly innate ability to survive encounters with African predators, in particular lions. Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more. As final recipes go, however, the Ridgeback was only half-baked. They are also loyal, protective, and intimidating when the situation calls for it. The Boers had brought their own breeds of dog with them including the Mastiff, Great Dane, Bloodhound, Pointer, Staghound, and Greyhound. Other breeds were brought into being by specific cultures or classes of people. The Rhodesian ridgeback—a crossbreed with both European and African roots— is a large, athletic, and sturdy dog breed known and named for the distinct ridge along its back. The Ridgeback has a slightly long body and combines attributes of endurance, speed, and power. This then spreads and before we know it the ‘untruth’ has become the ‘truth’! These are some of our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies that have been adopted over the years. That particular dog died during the hunting trip Selous was recounting. And that is, that a dog of such courage, intelligence and self-possession would choose to love its humans as deeply as it does – a reality that is just as breathtaking as any exotic species you might see roaring across the African veldt. The Rhodesian Ridgeback, once known as the African Lion Hound, was developed in South Africa by Boer farmers. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is also mixed with several other purebreds like Pharaoh Hound, […] As its name plainly indicates, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog with a ridge on its back that originates in Rhodesia. The Rhodesian Ridgeback became so good at this that they were given the name ‘lion dog.’. We are pleased to live with our pack of Rhodesian Ridgebacks at the most beautiful place in the world, the Western Cape in South Africa. Lawrence tried to help his dogs -- both Rhodesian Ridgebacks -- which are bred for hunting mountain lions. With their courage, intelligence, strength, and agility, they became quite useful with South African Boer farmers in hunting large animals like Lions and hence started to be known as African Lion hounds. After all, dogs can keep us company for years […], German shepherds dogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world and for a lot of good reasons. "Liondogs" are our passion since 1998 when we met the first Ridgeback in Kenya. They were used to flush partridge, take down injured stags, and guard farms from prowlers at night. The Dutch settlers noted that the native peoples, called the Khoikhoi, had dogs with unique, backward-growing stripes of hair up their backs. Rhodesian Ridgeback Lion. Well, even this awesome dog breed […], I set out below some facts and useful information about the Labrador breed that all potential owners should be aware of. During the time they were widely used, mid to late 19th century until the early 1920s, the Rhodesian Ridgeback had a wonderful reputation for being an excellent guard dog and protector that was wholly devoted to its family. They also, despite reports to the contrary, have never been used to do so. Through them, we rediscover our globe’s cultural diversity and heritage. To find out more about proper training, consider these 10 helpful tips. Instead, nature was likely the ultimate arbiter, because in the end only the strongest and smartest survived. Through them, we rediscover our globe’s cultural diversity and heritage. A pack of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs would hold a lion at bay until the human hunters arrived. It formerly was known as Van Rooyen’s lion dog or the African lion hound or African lion dog—simba injain Ndebele, shumba imbwain Shon. It is important to remember that a good guard dog does not equate to an aggressive or vicious dog. Greetings from The Lion Hounds of Kushinda! Now, let’s get into the typical aesthetic traits of … Previous litters. Lion-hunting required a specific set of both physical and mental skills: The dogs had to be strong enough to withstand the physical rigors of the hunt, but have ample agility to dart out of the way of slashing claws. The Rhodesian Ridgeback was used for lion hunting, but its loyal and affectionate characteristics soon made it an attractive family dog, allowing its popularity to spread to other countries. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a rare and valuable breed with origins going back to the 16th-17th century. A Boer living in British-centric Rhodesia, van Rooyen was a famed big-game hunter, arranging expeditions for the wealthy and influential, including English dukes and lords. However, they are not naturally aggressive and will not be inclined to bite. They were discovered by Europeans that were exploring that area and found the Hottentot tribes living with a semi-domesticated dog. Grace ~ Awarded: The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Perpetual Trophy - Pointscore winner for 2017. The first reason that the Rhodesian Ridgeback has gained a reputation as a lion killer is probably due to the name they were originally given which was ‘lion dog’. If Cornelius van Rooyen were to see his dogs today, chances are he would not recognize them apart from those telltale ridges. Eventually, the Continental breeds brought to South Africa by these colonists, who called themselves Boers – Dutch for “farmer” – crossbred with the native dogs. The origins of the Rhodesian Ridgebacks’ ancestors are unclear with both Asian areas and African areas having evidence of hounds that resembled them. Enjoy our Ridgeback-world with us! They are naturally inclined to protect their family and also their homestead too. A Rhodesian Ridgeback Needs 2 Hours of Exercise/Daily. Read on to learn more about the Rhodesian Ridgeback. The breed was first found in the 16th century on the Cape of Good Hope, in Africa. I challenge you to find any list on the internet which discusses good guard dogs and does not include the fantastic Rhodesian Ridgeback. The Rhodesian Ridgeback, alternately known as the African Lion Dog, has a muscular, well-built distinguished appearance alongside a loyal, intelligent, confident and strong-willed disposition. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog breed bred in the Southern Africa region. Enjoy them as we have! As a dog lover, I’d be happy to share my knowledge and experience, which I get raising my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy called Cooper. Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks are loved like our children, and our passion and our love for our dogs is evident in the following pages on this website. For these dangerous endeavors, he required a pack of lion-hunting dogs, whose ranks were constantly winnowed by the teeth and claws of their prey. We have been breeding, raising, training, handling, and showing Rhodesian Ridgebacks for over 35+ years. George ~ 1 st Veteran Dog 7-10yrs Class & Best Veteran in Show Reuben ~ 1 st Puppy Dog Class and Puppy in Show Juno ~ 1 st Open Neuter Bitch Class and Neuter in Show Kara ~ 2 nd Puppy Bitch Class To make sure this does not happen to your Rhodesian Ridgeback you should introduce them to lots of different people and lots of different experiences. Like the German Shepherd, a Rhodesian Ridgeback also boasts of a beautiful brown coat. In 1922, a meeting of Lion Dog owners in Bulawayo turned out a dizzying assortment of dogs that ranged in appearance and size from Bull Terriers to Great Danes. But can they actually capture, take down, and kill the king of the African jungle, the mighty, ferocious lion? Since the Rhodesian Ridgeback has now been kept as a pet, rather than a working dog, for approximately a hundred years it would be understandable to think that the hunting instinct would have become extinct in this breed. They are, however, the national dog of South Africa and are shown on the kennel Union of South Africa’s emblem. Unlike many breeds, the Rhodesian Ridgeback will not benefit from specialist guard dog training as this can encourage them to become over-aggressive. (Even today, a certain percentage of Ridgeback puppies are born ridgeless.) This showed all his favorite possessions including cattle, sheep, and his hunting dogs, the Hottentot. (That is the biggest misconception about Ridgebacks and lions: The former never made contact with the latter, but rather teased and disoriented them, much as a matador taunts a bull.) There is no doubt that a Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large and powerful breed capable of great speed and athleticism. With their short, wheaten coats ranging from pale flaxen to rich red, handsome heads and marble-sculptured physiques, modern Ridgebacks are indisputably more polished than their frontier-bred progenitors. This will ensure that they do not react in a protective manner when they are exposed to them on a day-to-day basis. By the 1920s there were so many variants of the Rhodesian Ridgeback that a meeting was held to elucidate the most desirable traits of the breed. The famous hunter and explorer Frederick Courtney Selous convalesced there after walking – and partially crawling – 400 miles from the Zambesi River in a feverish delirium. Indeed they are, in fact, one of the best! In short order, these early fanciers also changed the name of the breed from African Lion Dog to Rhodesian Ridgeback, because while any dog can, in theory, hunt a lion… The Rhodesian Ridgeback dog's distinctive feature is its well-defined ridge, which begins at the shoulders, with two identical whorls and tapers to a protrusion of the hipbones. They are considered the most popular dog breed in the world The cost of adopting a Labrador depends […]. Several large dogs of European origin, including mastiffs, and hounds like the Great Dane (considered to be the closest cousin of this br… That uniqueness has its advantages and disadvantages, however, and it’s important to know both before getting a bulldog. 9 Things To Know Before Getting A French Bulldog Puppy, 15 Things To Know Before Getting A Bulldog Puppy, 15 Things To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd Puppy, 9 Things to Know Before Getting a Labrador. The Hottentot hunting dog was used by the Hottentot tribe of Africa and discovered by the European Boer settlers who arrived in South Africa in the 16th century. Rather, you want them to warn the threat off in a non-violent manner causing whatever the threat is to retreat. Along with the hallmark ridge, the fearless hunter, independent-minded strategist, and canny survivalist remains. A strong muscular breed requires a lot … Its athletic build and long, efficient strides enables it to control injured game easily. We have been members in good standing of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS) since 1984.