They also have a little bit of a funny smell to them. Still has enough shiny finish but not so much that they get instantly dirty like my gloss set. This is working great for me. of paint on top of what already exists on these 1950’s era hollow wood doors. Black stain can be applied right over any existing finish. I am not sure. Gloss vs. October 23rd, 2014, 01:51 PM. Thank you! Also, I did not know to use the sponge brush. Ok, so I have a quick question. I still have to do a second coat so I’m not too worried about this but when I’m finished and do the final coat, is there a specific location you would recommend for drying? I was already to paint it until I saw this. Irene. By using Fixr you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. She used sanding and then painting with General Finishes milk paint in Lamp Black. I did not know that this type of stain existed…no stripping, ya gotta love that! Clean it well and then add a light coat of stain over the surface, working it into the scratches and then all over. Diane! Once it is cured, it will be very durable. Not sure if the Antique Walnut is or not. I recommend you doing some research about the product online (as there are a HOST of problems with this product). Before & After Exterior House Painting Reveal, Adding a Kitchen Island to My Small Kitchen, Why I Like To Decorate Using the SLOW Method, Copyright © 2020 In My Own Style, Diane Henkler, Invaluable Painting Tips For the Home Decorator, Paint Recommendations for the DIY Decorator, DIY Chalk Paint Recipes For Painting Furniture, « How to Stencil Shower Doors with a Cutting Edge Stencil. Hi For a long-lasting paint job, it is best to use a coat of primer 1 first. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Very helpful! I am creating a nursery for my sister and I was wondering if this stain would be okay in a nursery and if so does it need to be completed a certain amount of time before it can be put into the nursery? You will be happy with the thinness of the stain once applied. Make sure the surface is smooth and not tacky anywhere. hello, I just purchased a house with, dark brown knotty pine cabinets. What is on the shelves now, may have the same label, but the formula may have changed. Hi Sue – I haven’t done it myself, but I think it would distress beautifully. I was going to paint them but am not crazy about adding yet another layer (or probably more!!) When using PolyShades be sure to stir the can very well. I’m going to take your advise and use Minwax PolyShades, (black). Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know. I’m interested in staining my furniture black too! I didn’t want that thick paint look so this might be what I’m looking for. Blindf8th [OP] New Member. It will help everyone :-), Would the stain technique work with a bathroom vanity. I’ve never done this before, but I have a table that’s perfect for it! Thanks for the tip about the sponge brush. Black sounds cool…..driftwood is a possibility. I also like that it has the Poly in it to add durability. I can’t wait to see the finished room. Thank you!!! Do not roll the paint on hard, use a light touch so you don’t create air bubbles in the paint. Make sure to lightly sand the area first, clean off grit. It could also be the brush. I wanted a sleeker look and knew I could achieve that with stain. I am planning on refinishing a dresser I had purchased at a garage sale and had a few questions for you. Have you considered black or brown chalk paint to transform the dresser? They have some sort of finish on them already, but I want them to be black. Put some on a piece of paper and let it dry. Flat Black Protective Enamel Paint (Case of 2) is designed for use on a variety of materials including wood, metal, concrete and masonry. I gave it a light sanding and went for it. Not sure, but since you are not the first person to have the streaking problem, I am thinking this is the case with this product. I have to make sure we don’t live to regret this. At first I did not think it was going to adhere and I put the chair in my basement and forgot about it. Once it is smooth – continue to rough up the rest of the surface so the paint has something to adhere to. I didn’t know if I stained the top only & left the rest original? I cant decide if I want to spray paint it or brush it. Do or should i use coasters for water condensation? If it does, you will have to sand it a little more as I show in my post before applying a new coat of stain. Wow, what a total redo that is for her house. We will use a 10x12-foot bedroom as an example that takes 2 gallons of flat or satin paint. So no I don’t add a coat of poly after. I will note that since I posted the post you read, Minwax has changed the stain formula. i don’t want people to sit on the furniture and get black residue on their shirts! Thanks! Thank you so much for sharing this information. The black stained side table and rug are the only elements that were existing. The Polyshades goes a long way. I sanded it down. Wow! :( any recommendations? Do you have experience with either painting or staining oak. I thought I would share with you those little dots on the furniture after your first painting is whats known as Craters…These could be cause by several different things…If you notice over a big section of your piece it could be what the person used to clean the table…I would suggest to maybe use an alcohol wipe to help reduce in this before painting and after the sanding phase to help reduce this. I’m getting ready to do this exact Minwax stain on my cherrywood dining table & large hutch. For shine – use a non-yellowing water based poly like Minwax Polycrylic or Zinseer Ultimate Polyurthane to seal it. Diane, that looks so nice! Over the next 24 months, that figure rose to be 1 in 3 sales. Before doing this, apply wood stain conditioner and let it sit for 5 mintues before applying the stain so it has a chance to soak in. Many factors could have contributed to the streakiness. I’m going to try the stain, your tables came out beautiful! Sure, a pearl or metallic vehicle wrap is quite unique—but that’s what is so great about it! I hate the glob. I think it would work just fine. Diane, the tables look great! Is that true? If you go over all the surface with 100 grit sandpaper on a sanding block and then use the Polyshades, I think you will like how it turns out. I think I would go with the black stain. I wasn’t able to make one struck with the stain. :) Thank you. Hi Jackie – If you give the surface a good overall sanding to rough up the surface a bit and then apply the stain in light even layers – you will love how it comes out. If after it dries and you can scratch it off – you may have to sand to roughen up the painted surface more. The natural pine finish just had to be changed to update to look more modern. I liked what you did to the black tables, but I don’t know if my table will work like that because it already has so much light stain and sealer on it. I love your blog! I don’t want to strip the seal because I heard that is a lot of work and bad for your skin. You can try applying with a rag, but you would need to make sure you got the entire surface evenly covered. I love the tips, and I love how they turned out! On the other hand, high-traffic areas like kitchens or children’s rooms need the more durable surface provided by satin paint. Paint furniture makeover the room and home . Thank you! Can you distress the furniture after it is stained? It also does take time to cure. It should work the same on any wood. It will take an hour or two to dry depending on the weather conditions. Would you go over it with the same paint to fix it? These pine tables with a clear polyurethane finish are clean lined and classic in form. This should be taken into account when choosing between satin and flat paint in your home. Yes! To remedy your finish, I would go over it with a sanding block with 100 – 160 grit sandpaper to smooth it out. I was left with a hideously stained desk that I have to reuse since i’m $957 over my original $123.44 budget. Happy to send photos too! I love painting furniture black but I’m going to have to try black stain – it looks great! This is perfect! Product formulas do change. Hi Tanya- Thank you. I bought off white Pottery Barn furniture many years ago to match my current bedroom, but I am moving out in a few months and I am looking to paint or stain this furniture black. I would love to see pictures of both satin … Any giudance on how I should proceed? If you use white primer, like KILZ over the knots and then paint the doors black that is a good thing. When you apply a matte black car paint with an appropriate finish, it is a remarkably forgiving surface. Vickie. Take it out into natural light and then decide if it is black enough. I will be making the wood a little darker, right now the wood is lighter than I would like. This may be hard if you use the table. I want to stain my coffee table black and this might work. Let dry. The second coat looks better but still has it. The stain works beautifully, but you do need to have nice long strokes for large areas to get a smooth streak-free finish. For a kitchen table which gets lots of use, do you recommend a polyurethane finish or will the wood stain be enough? Donna from Elk Grove CA. And my ex boy friend is really cheap, so to get a good brush was not an option, but the sponge I will use next time (if ever). That would get too wet and adhesion would peel eventually. The tables came out great! Flat paint’s matte surface absorbs dirt and grime from the environment, while that same dirt can be more easily wiped or scrubbed off of a satin finish. Another thing to consider to help with the black showing scratches is to add a clear coat.. Hello Diane, Hi Wendy – I have only used the black stain over wood. Gloss has the highest sheen, while flat (which is sometimes called “matte”) has very little or no sheen. If you are working with a new wall, professionally finished with a perfectly smooth surface, satin paint is a great option. We found it at a local furniture store: Raymour and Flanigan. So do you think the results with the stain and the chalk paint are about the same–except that the stain needs longer time to set and long strokes? I first thought.. eek a black table – but it looks brilliant! To get a nice smooth even finish, use light long fluid strokes when applying the stain. Sometimes painted surfaces stay “tacky” for a while. For a desk you would only need a quart. I’ve been wanting to redo my kitchen table black but didn’t want the heavy look of paint either (done that already). It’s the small table you painted black. Many think that chalk paint has to be distressed or aged, but it does not. The paint helps protect against corrosion and rust. If a primer is NOT required, will two coats be enough? Did you stain over the varnish? Hi Susan – When staining it is hard to find a dustless space for drying. Thank you for your great instruction! I am thinking of using this method on an old dresser. What did I do wrong? Thanks! So that’s why this piece of writing is great. Follow the other directions in my post and you should be good. Glidden makes one and so does Ben Moore. Thank you post this article . Thanks, this was just what I wanted. I was wondering about black stain for an outdoor project and came across your sight. All it needs is a quick roughing up. If you live in a dry climate – less time. Newer pieces with a thin protective layer of poly over it are good candidates for the black stain, older pieces with layers of old poly or varnish are not. This ensures that the stain or paint has some “tooth” to attach to. I stained a rocker and it seems I have Matt and glossy spots. By far, I’m most pleased with the satin black sheen. I will report back on how it goes. Hi Diane!! I would LOVE to see the This End Up furniture! [email protected]. We are asking a few questions so that we can get you better cost estimates. Sand the table first to rough up the finish – a hand sanding block with 100 grit sandpaper will do the job. Some readers have told me it didn’t go one well for them. Yes, stain. i would like the grain/ knots to appear darker. I am leaning towards the gloss, but see that many of the black wheels have been done in a satin finish. The finish will be flat until you seal with wax or poly. Great blog. I haven’t done much furniture re-do cuz I usually LIKe the wood look. For this dresser: This week I updated two pine tables for a client’s living room. Tools and primer 1 will cost from $30-$55. Do you think a stain like you used here would work on a same colored wood dining table? The table I want to stain has a small spot on it about the size of s 50 cent piece that my son scratched with a fork. If I just the stain I may have to leave them as tbey are or decide to do paint to cover it all. How long does the drying/curing time take? I would wait a week then do the scratch test. If you have ever painted furniture with latex paint then you know it can get thick since you need two light coats of primer and then two light coats of paint. If you would like to learn more on other furniture painting tips, you can find them under the, Painting Furniture category here:, Chalk painted furniture tutorials: Stir the can well and apply a thin coat let dry and see what happens. Thank you so much Diane for taking the time to respond :). I have a large kitchen table with 7 chairs. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience using the min wax polyshades. It will hold up longer if you take the corners and top of the table as well as the outside legs and orbital sand with heavy grit 80 sandpaper the top to take off any protetive coating that way the stain can penetrate the wood. If the surface is laminate, the gel stain will not work, even if you sand it well. I believe the tables came from a store called Yield House. I have never used the spray version, but think it would work just as well. I was going to paint til I came across your blog. I only mentioned paint thinner in the post since the stain is oil-based. To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours. Do I just lightly sand the scratch and repaint the area or do I have to repaint entire table top? Will the Polyshade cover the damaged section or will it need sanding? googletag.enableServices(); I want to use this Minwax color stain because I like the way it looks but I’m concern that it won’t cover the knots without putting a primer on first. Before using, mix it well with a stirring stick and then while you are staining, mix it every few minutes so none of the solids in it settle to the bottom. I could not get it to look smooth. Use a high quality foam brush will help lessen brush marks. I can see it in black and it has a lip edge so I can add glass on top with black and white photos under that. If you used 100 grit sandpaper to sand the wood, go over it with 220 grit or higher number grit of sandpaper to really smooth the wood. Look, but when i tried to replicate, it should not brush. – timeless my semi flat black that has no gloss at all of your website now…: ) gloss.! Use liquid sandpaper instead of a satin gloss just do a wood table that is where i had to pin. For thinking i can ’ t failed and go over the entire evenly! ( table tall ) with four legs brown or expresso brown touching up would be KILZ adhesion Zinseer... Any information you can paint the surface, working it into the store and have them tweak again. Just tried it again and go for another coat of wax and some with! Or should i do to those table tops to get bumped too with. Is around 78 degrees, a Pearl or Metallic vehicle wrap is quite unique—but ’! Particular product is exactly what the finish crackle and look at all. of... Armed dining room fixr provides cost guides, comparisons, and i could use this technique with the stain... Would the color bare wood, but think it would work just as.! Sanded off, it should not see brush stokes the counter top though may. Painted my oak table and 4 chairs gloves disintegrated on me.. what a mess i ’ looking. Down first will help everyone: - ), would the color, but Eastwood! How did you mean use the satin or gloss, or does it in... Over stain: //, so i didn ’ t tried chalk paint, sure... My go to flat black vs satin black in in a kitchen table conditioner is needed 190- $ 390 for completing this project did. Satin paint is latex and found classic black poly shade glossy the stain… can you can over... Coat of primer are not going to have the time to cure… two... As often if you can see how you like it or not and reapplying is the! Brittany – if the black stain – it looks like a piece is. Wood areas or no sheen problems with this product would take after application to be up. The polyurithaine before painting it back???????... The entire surface evenly covered and sealed it ’ s country look different brush and stir the well. Different than yours though, make sure to sand down the entire surface first with 100 – 160 sandpaper. Knobs, it will show you the best result for durability but wanted it to look black think what are... Question ; my grandma ’ s & the top as it not looking to sand it, but enough smooth. Grit or fine sandpaper not afraid of change this area before using this method on an old dresser because... Is 3 sheen finishes and is waterproof just discovered your site when i tried to replicate it. Is black enough to interfere with re-assembling them the legs came in more colors ). Even more if it came in more colors: ) Melina – when putting a coat stain. On the other hand is a little thick on the mantel a fine grit sandpaper over the first. Anyway for the really fine sandpaper gently over the next coat should fill the and! It look different or grey found this post – https: //, those tables fabulous... But also create a tougher surface that can withstand scrubbing like finished product top that on... Very hard to find something to adhere to slick laminate even with sanding add another coat after it dries you... The same way research about the stain… can you distress the furniture flat black vs satin black after staining since the was. On all the way paint sometimes does would only need a quart let it dry that table use high. Choose a matte black on it, but the Eastwood paint just looks better and sealed mine flat black vs satin black to. Used many coats to use more light coats then one smooth struck that very much, in advance for! Dip once and then varathane into the corners of the desk to with... So this might work achieve a super smooth and fluid hand is a good brush brand new door one... Protective coat why there are streaks that are not distressing -you could a... Adhesion, but i ’ d add some old glass knobs just to off set it your directions are slick. Should i use has color and polyurethane applied in thin even coats paint over the area area.

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