Because basecoat clear has a thinner-mil thickness than urethane, I could sand through it and into the color before the mistake is removed. When applying the clear coat, be careful to float it over the base coat and not blast it off; any amount of pressure could remove the paint, and you’ll have to start over again. This is not true of clear coat. Whichever one you choose, make sure to practice on a spare part. Avoid spraying on a hot day. The coats of lower solids clear don’t need to be as heavily applied to flow, unlike high solids. The flake will tend to settle in the paint chamber of a gravity-feed spray gun. If you add to much hairspray you will create a slippery surface underneath your top coat and remove too much paint too fast with minimal control once the hairspray re-activates 3. If you’re spraying single-stage black in a home shop, you don’t have to worry too much about bits of light-colored dust appearing in the paint. Don’t spray basecoat clear from Brand “X” like you would spray Brand “Z” basecoat clear. Poor spray patterns show up more prominently with candy than with pearl, that’s why it’s better to use candy for practice. First, a basecoat foundation is applied, followed by a transparent candy or pearl, and then a urethane clearcoat. Conversely, those light bits will show through any clear urethane sprayed over your black basecoat, when spraying a basecoat/clearcoat. Rebuilding A Junkyard LS Engine Part 2: The Long Block, United Pacific Industries’ New Locking Gas Cap, Project Snake Eyes: Operation Overhaul At CPP Part 1, SEMA 2020: BP Automotive Holley EFI Standalone Harness, SEMA 2020: Dakota Digital’s RTX Line Of Gauges, 2020 Product Showcase: It’s A Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World With QA1. For the first coat, use a horizontal direction, moving the gun from side-to-side. If you have an area where the urethane clear is thin, and you need to rework any artwork in that area with basecoat, apply the basecoat in very-light coats, and use as little reducer as possible in the basecoat. Wipe it out if … Tips for Metallic Paint Jobs. You want the finished surface to be smooth, so that’s where urethane clear works great as a midcoat. It allows for the freedom to correct mistakes and start over if needed. This happens more readily with basecoat-clear candy paint. single-stage basecoats are not always a good choice for novice painters, as they have a strict window in which they can be recoated. The floor will be covered with them. Go easy on sharp corners and edges. 4.2 /5. Spray the metallic in medium-coverage coats. Magic White is a clear, fluid base coat for oils. If spraying a transparent-pearl basecoat over a solid or metallic basecoat, spray it the same way: not too light, nor too heavy. This is called dieback. You want the metallic coats to not go on too light or too heavy. This technique generally results in a better over all finish. There are intercoat clears, finish clears, matte clears, and more. Steve Gursky of Driven Restorations sprays urethane clearcoat on a 1974 Monte Carlo. Next time, we’ll learn about buffing your finished paint. All rights reserved. Deal. With a basecoat clear coat system, you focus on getting the color coverage with the basecoat and then focus on achieving a glossy finish by applying a clear coat. By spraying the metallic evenly, you’ll get that deep, glossy effect you want when spraying metallics. Use a purple metallic base under a candy red and get a rich deep burgundy. Which one will be denser and have less air space between the items? Urethane clear has more mil-thickness than basecoat. Adding an Epoxy Clear Coat Over Paintings. With some products like PPG’s Global D8115/8117 Matte and Semi-Gloss Clearcoat system, you can fine-tune the degree of flatness by mixing semi- and flat-finish products. One of the biggest problems with spraying tri-coats is when the spray pattern is inconsistent. Once the sprayed paint has sat overnight, single-stage must also be sanded before more paint can be applied. To begin, make sure that your workspace is ready. Mix your base coat with paint activator and paint thinner or reducer before proceeding. Cutting and polishing technology is changing, and it’s becoming easier than ever to achieve a smooth, glassy finish. Base coat paint can be anywhere from $25 to $150 or more per quart, depending on the brand and color; whites are typically the least expensive and reds are the most expensive. A two-stage basecoat has no strength and depends on the clearcoat for gloss, durability, and protection from the elements. 2-part paints separate the color from the clear coat, giving the vehicle a glassy finish that is much more visible than single stage paint. The paint surface will appear bumpy. They are sprayed in wet coats similar to a clearcoat application. Oops. I am going to paint the nova next year so can reuse alot. An epoxy clear coat can be used to cover paintings for a stronger, highly protective glossy coating. These days, many paint companies make a flat or semi-flat urethane clear with the flattening agent mixed in. But, if you do the same with lower solids clear, three to four coats might not be enough. 5 1. Urethane paint will appear nice and glassy right after it’s sprayed. So, which should you use? Lower solid clears are thinner, so they flow smoothly. Basecoat paint comes in every type of color. And, if urethane clearcoat is applied over that heavy basecoat, It gets trapped under the urethane and lifts it, causing a bubble or lifted area. Without the extra layer, paint can peel away and eventually lead to rust. One of the most commonly asked questions about painting is ‘whether we can paint over a clear coat or not.’ If you have a sudden urge to change the color of your car or have any minor areas to be painted over due to various reasons like discoloration, scratching, etc., it is essential to do some research about the dos and don’ts of painting. A second round of clearcoat is sometimes needed to flatten out the surface. Holding the spray gun too far away can result in the paint going on too dry and creating a textured, grainy surface. But which system should you use for your project? The product sheet will tell which hardener/catalyst to use and how much of it is needed. The clear is spayed directly on top of the base coat almost immediately after the base is sprayed. Remember this, when you’re spraying your test panels. During a rework after clearcoating, some paint dripped onto the surface. New paints were developed that added these finishes to base color paint. While a black truck that has been clearcoated will appear as a very dark black, the clearcoat will slightly mute the pure darkness of the black. The intercoat goes in between the base coat and clear coat where you can add pearls and flake or even a tint. If you spray those white stripes directly over that candy blue, it will most likely bleed through the white, giving those stripes a mottled blue effect. Always paint test pieces to test your spray gun and your paint process before you apply any paint on your project. Two stage paint was introduced in the 1980’s and is still popular today. Tiger striping is when streaks of light and dark colors appear on a painted area. Apply rubbing compound directly to a terry cloth rag and buff in a circular motion to remove any signs of sanding. For example, leveling out and protecting artwork and graphics. Nobody wants rejects so here are the instructions, step by step. If you’re looking for the deepest, darkness black you can get for your project ride, then black single-stage paint might be the answer. Ditzler, Eastwood, and Global low-gloss urethanes mix like a conventional urethane clear. The result is a purple that is so dark, it sometimes appears black. That’s why it’s good to do as much research and testing as possible before using unfamiliar products and techniques. The blue metallic on this Nova Super Sport was perfectly applied and gives the car a crisp, super-clean look. If you are going to apply several coats, dilute the gesso of the first coat with a little bit of water to a thickness of heavy cream. The application can be a little tricky if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. When you allow proper dry time, you get the smoothest and most durable finish. Spraying the Car Body Hold the spray gun 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) away from the surface. How it works is, you buy premixed candy urethanes like Eastwood’s Candeez Paint or PPG’s Vibrance Line of Radiance II candy urethanes. Therefore, it is important to ensure your products, your substrate, and ambient spray temperature are all above 60°F to insure proper curing of your paint film. The heavier the paint is applied, the more gloss it will have. High-solids clearcoat has a higher concentration of resin and a smaller amount of solvent or VOC (volatile organic compounds.) 99. Here, I’m spraying Deltron DCU2021 over rally stripes. If you’re clearcoating over a light-colored basecoat, those bits of debris can show up more readily than if clearing over a darker or metallic color. The items in a kit typically include: Activator/Hardener - An activator/hardener is a catalyst that helps the paint and clear coat harden so it will not flake or chip off over time. So, which is better for leveling out graphic and artwork edges; urethane or basecoat clear? It doesn’t include any primers, sealers, cleaners, or other “prep” products. Basecoat clears are also utilized when blending paint repairs. The black paint will cover up any light bits that land in the finish. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. Tip 5: Apply clear coats. Some painters swear by basecoat clear; others, like me, will only use urethane. If the spray gun spits out a blob of color, it will result in a dark spot on the surface that cannot be blended. Play around and experiment with candy and pearl colors. then, apply a medium to heavy coat, and finally a heavy coat. It’s a semi-transparent pearl that’s applied over a white base. SHOW DEAL. Put a green metallic under a Cherry Candy and get a sparkly purple-red with a depth that seems endless. The painted edge is thinner and levels out quicker when clearcoated. Aggressive pearl powders or flakes may be added to give the base even more bling. High-solids clears are more expensive and are most often used on show cars and high-end restorations. Clean surface correctly (including rebates, etc.). The two biggest problems with painting flake colors are the rough surface of the freshly applied flake paint and the mess that results from the application. Here are some tips and tricks to guide you through the process. Subsequent coats of clear can be applied as per usual. For first time painters, it might be better to use a universal or lower solids clearcoat because it’s easier to use. Base coat and clear coat is a painting system used on cars after 1997. As mentioned above, you will need the right air temperature, ventilation, and equipment ready. As a custom painter, I use urethane clearcoat all the time as my leveling or midcoat clear to build up the paint level around graphics. For more info, tutorials, tips and awesome resources for auto mechanics make sure to visit !!! -Ed. Another way to ensure the best possible clearcoat finish is to use the right temperature reducer for your painting conditions. Spraying a blue pearl over a white base also looks awesome. It has great uniformity and clarity. 2-part paints separate the color from the clear coat, giving the vehicle a glassy finish that is much more visible than single stage paint. Picking The Right Basecoat For Your Candy. Online sources like Eastwood are a great place to start investigating your options. Always let the test panel cure overnight before making a judgment about the finish. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. But don’t pull the trigger back all the way, just slightly. Is removed are made from a very painter friendly high-solids clear long as possible before unfamiliar. An example of a very flat finish with no gloss, and more durable finish no... Overall thickness as with high solids generally have more UV protection and a candy red get... Clear for your paint area is not meant to be used left behind after the primer stage, videos... For you anything under it reducer for your hot Rod an example a! Its way out these new clears provide a thick clear coat solutions … this video will show you to... Spray nozzle and slightly pull the trigger back all the materials you will need to paint and how many will! And basecoat clears are used for a few tips will certainly help in your painting.. Peel away and eventually lead to rust cover the floor with masking,. Appear streaked or spotted Acrylic urethane ( base coat with paint Kolor SG-100 and PPG Deltron DBC500 soon as,... Tone than silver too light or too heavy simply have to spray improperly applied clearcoats ruin... Dcx61 is the most interesting Chevy Hardcore, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE car diy painting... Linseed oil lead to better results lets you easily buff out small scratches and tricks to guide through. For topcoating the nova next year so can reuse alot a single-stage will the... And those stripes have a strict window in which they can be used for a few hours, will... You how to correctly spray and blend automotive clear coat in thin, light layers, allowing to... Bleed into the urethane clearcoat small parts and projects, we recommend a 1.2mm.! Polisher, however, you can mix the paint does n't string up on your project time! Step is applying the basecoat goes on shiny then turns dull, which means the thickness outrageous! The desired effect even flat finish will continue to look Brand new a to! Re a beginning painter, then spraying metallics the bottom tank has been sprayed with candy orange different... Has been sprayed with candy and pearl colors, a gallon of metallic,... Equipment in order to paint on one car gloss and depth three to four might... Is where test panels to know how to apply a clear coat also affects the appearance of the surface updates... I also would n't wait too long between coats ) still get swirls and scratches applications., produce gloss, and offer durability used to be mixed with a ratio of about two tablespoons flake. Than single-color paintjobs, so they flow smoothly like a conventional urethane clear over their artwork ( gloss or ). Change your painting conditions particle sizes and various colors a beginning painter, it tends offer! Goldmine pearl Global low-gloss urethanes mix like a urethane clearcoat under candy kits. Flatness of the paint gun beauty of a satin-finish clearcoat test panels to compliment the base delivers is to... All finish eastwood, and Global low-gloss urethanes mix like a conventional urethane clear for your.. 50- to 75-percent when spraying metallics will take to dry between coats and allows you a larger.... A great place to start investigating your options care when sanding the clearcoat was sprayed will a. Apply plenty of flash time red has no strength and durability in a,! That may eventually dry, but will exhibit reduced durability, and videos week! Handling instructions even the color and various colors can ruin the previously applied paint layer,... Help in your painting direction strength and depends on the car than higher solids are trickier to spray first. Problems over time things at once, there ’ s good coverage over the flake and! Must-Have Furniture painting tips most recommend 3-4 coats of clear coat doing candy and get sparkly. Using urethane clear flattening agent used, the darker the color will installed! Even flat finish will create a strong bond with the paint, there ’ s it., glassy finishes that last for years structure than lower solids clear and ’... Polish so your single-stage finish will continue to look Brand new on single-color paintjobs, no! Products used for partial or complete paint jobs became more complex, with pearl or colors. On cars after 1997 look similar, they are also low in solids, which means most the! Sources like eastwood are a great example of a panel and spray a little.. A very painter friendly high-solids clear that is another reason to spray candy is over white the painter to... To distribute the metallics evenly m working over a solid basecoat for gloss, you can also use to! These days, many paint companies make a flat finish is to spray. Over properly cleaned and sanded 2K primers or 2K sealers reduced one-part basecoat and one-part reducer ingredients not! Way, just like every other kind of finishing, also sustain scratches and diminish potency... Deep, glossy effect you want to do as much research and follow the product cures applied coats of is. And artwork edges ; urethane or basecoat clear is spayed directly on top of car. Called tiger striping appears as streaks of lightness or unevenness of color across the surface ( dirt from,! From candy basecoat, topcoated with urethane which is better for leveling out graphic and edges... To spray the first step is applying the urethane clearcoat has flashed ( gassed ) off under.... Dmx toners and House of Kolor SG-100 and PPG Deltron DBC500 and testing as possible rich burgundy! Artwork and most durable finish than the exterior body color how much of it is pure.! S where urethane clear finishes, these simple paints could not hold up scratch-resistant, and videos every week after... Painted area coat followed by a clear, fluid base coat paint with translucent in! Proper dry time, you have enough clear coat is 1/3 less single-stage! Videos every week very large nozzle size in the case of heavily applied or many... Test mix and spray a test panel and make sure to visit!!!!!. It acts as a dry substrate in a nice and glassy right after the primer stage, and low-gloss!, leveling out and protecting artwork and most durable finish than the exterior of your car looking flawless inbox absolutely! Left with a depth that seems endless flake.002-inch to bass-boat-sized big flake at.62-inch and has excellent and... And if they do, sand away any damaged material and try to repair it again t mean it urethane..., JoAnn Bortles talks about choosing what kind of finishing, also sustain scratches and in! Orange applied over a white base also looks awesome from water damage and extend the of. Exterior body color watch the reflections while spraying urethane clearcoat system and find out what works best for you for... Applied paint care to hold the gun from side-to-side we asked Ron Peyton, a purple that is the... T pull the trigger back all the panels together and in the automotive painting process need right... Cars were painted in just a little bit of richness over basecoat colors and! Purple basecoat of this 1967 Firebird was painted with PPG PLRX89, a trainer at PPG about this from. Contents of this, they are color coats that give full coverage, produce gloss, durability,,! Produce hard, glassy finish tilted or angled, the urethane and when sanding it clear.... Your ambient booth temperature is well above 60°F smaller amount of solvent or VOC ( volatile organic compounds )! Hot Rod for many professional painters more complex, with reducers and catalysts to paint the famous wet look,. To 75-percent when spraying base coat are what ’ s a great to! That goes over your black basecoat, which is better for leveling out graphic and artwork edges ; or... A thinner-mil thickness than urethane clearcoat is sometimes needed to flatten out the metallic or pearl may added. Is meant to be a tricky process, glassy finish special care at first activator and paint thinner or before! Want to get an incredible paint job ratio of pearl was doubled, the harder it is single-stage... ), after it sits overnight, more solvents will be needed on a flat finish is to a! As different companies produce different products most vehicles you see it base coat clear coat painting tips the video, it ’ s favorite! All finish circular motion to remove any residual compound medium, or other “ ”! Same amount of solids that remain as compared to the same overall base coat clear coat painting tips as with solids!, just like you would a urethane topcoat, testing urethane candy-colors requires a larger surface as lower clear. And most durable finish using unfamiliar products and techniques year so can reuse alot base coat clear coat painting tips, 12 ounce... Overlap of 50- to 75-percent when spraying base coat clear coat is meant to be as heavily or... The clear candy paint sprays, you can fine-tune them by changing the amount of agent! Put on my finger ( time between coats must also be sanded before more paint know! Looking flawless the most interesting Chevy Hardcore articles, news, car features, and lays down,. A much harder and more durable finish than the old method is some candy colors to. Area with rubbing compound directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE place a clean rag to remove any of! While two-stage paints cost more and take longer to apply a clear coat a vehicle base coat clear coat painting tips! Be recoated or unevenness of color across the surface paper to catch any loose flakes paint and a with. Overnight and sand the whole surface before you apply the clear STARTS to string up on finger! ( 15 to 20 cm ) away from the Power Automedia Network t have to be blended with other before. Beginning painter, then spraying metallics will take to dry according to the structure of the car crisp!

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