I swear I heard a walker going down the hallway for a full few minutes. I Was Diagnosed With HIV When I Was 2-Years-Old. I started to panic, thinking that he was coming back to life but the RN explained to me (newbie) that sometimes the air in the lungs doesn’t come out until sometime later or is delayed for a bit.”, “I used to work in St Barts hospital in London, which in parts is over 1,000 years old. One guy was silently screaming through his last few hours of life. All of them died during the night after they told me. Basically, you’re more likely to fear a hospital’s medical staff than you are injuries or disease.”. My Grandma: GM. She was in full restraints (hands/feet bound to the bed) so she couldn’t physically hurt me, but she kept calling me an ugly ni***r and spitting all over the room. January 13, 2020. She talked about her kids for a while and then started screaming and telling me to take the wheel. So she tells us how her and her boyfriend wanted to have sex but didn’t have a condom and couldn’t find her cervical cap. Well, in this case, he had awoken to crunching noises in the middle of the night…he wakes up and turns on the light to find that underneath the covers, his beloved chihuahua had eaten all 4 of his smaller toes and was working on the great toe. They were the monsters that whispered to him and told him to hurt people and do awful things. This was by far the strangest “specimen” ever: a disturbed woman had been going to the beach, picking out shells, then inserting them into her vagina. And this shit is common knowledge. We look at each other, look back at her, and both say ‘what?’ at the same time. The nurses working night shift would often tell us of the ghost of a night nurse who wandered silently doing her ’rounds’ at night—but due to the new floors, only her head would be visible drifting down the ward.”, “I have quite a few stories, most of them are hilarious and then there are those you never want to think about. I asked her a series of questions to see if she was cold/hot/in pain/etc. Patient arrives in the ER with his foot almost completely detached from his ankle. After a while she fell ill (horrific infection) and the family took her to the hospital. You’re surrounded.’ He went on to say I was surrounded by people and animals and that I was also ‘being watched by’ people from some native tribe I had never heard of and told me I should feel honored since they didn’t follow just anyone. When we finally got him onto his back again, there was a foul-smelling, oily black, viscous liquid on the pillowcase. Another guy (who up until this point had been unresponsive) reached up and grabbed me when we attempted to lower his bed to turn him. We see it all…weird, spooky, unexplainable, and yucky. Along with having the obvious exposure to tortured souls psychiatric hospitals tend to have, Gonjiam also has a lot of rumors swirling about its patients after the hospital's sudden closure in 1990. “4th year nursing student here. So the next patient that went into the room simply sat in his bed and kept saying ‘fuck the nu?’”. Don’t Let them Take Me While on the stool, he slipped off the stool, landing on the broom that was poking out of his behind. She was lovely but prone to wandering around her flat at night in total silence, which led to several horrifying situations where I left my room at 2am only to encounter her standing silent in the hallway, turning her eyeless face towards me.”, “Worked security through college at a local hospital. About the size of a 50 pence coin. I went on to get details on what this thing looked like. they ended up leaving because he was dying, and there was a DNAR in place so they legally couldn’t do anything. Cue me washing this person’s chest after having closed the eyes, to turn around to see him staring at me because his eyes have reopened, I screamed like a little girl, and everyone came rushing in. Let’s say her lawyer walks into the front door, plunks down a subpoena, and walks out again. After playing 20 questions I got this: a man, pale white, left arm missing, heavy, bald, standing still, behind me. This is a story I do not often tell. Pilot with Amnesia Could Be a … I am an RN working in surgery, and late-night calls are always a roll of the dice as to what you might get. Hallways were empty, no doors opened or closed and we did rounds 15 minutes after hearing that and every single person was in bed.”. Things get way worse when people get the wrong diagnosis from a bad doctor or have to deal with nurses with terrible bedside manner. The VA itself is a labyrinthine institution, seemingly designed to keep fatal mistakes hidden and no one accountable. Sitting is when you sit at the patient bedside because the patient is a danger to themselves/others. We called at least 15 code whites/week on just the one dude. What fucked me up the most was when I saw how eyes change at the moment of death. Hospital horror stories immediately conjure up the image of something going ghastly wrong in the ER. At one point, I worked the night shift and I worked alone. “One of my more creepy experiences was when I had a lady in my hall that was actively dying. A nurse asks “Who?” and he just repeats his plea: “Don’t let them take me!” He passes soon after. While law enforcement did not find the hospital responsible, the incident was a final and damning blow to the reputation of the institution. I cleaned his mouth again thinking it must have come from there, but his mouth and nose were clean. Then, the head detaches. Say for example you were that poor Orlando woman who after giving birth was told that she could either have all her limbs amputated or die. The strangest thing she’s ever told me about was a woman who came into the ER after a suicide attempt. They then disappear. Never had any medical history at all. Usually no big deal except that this was a psych patient and he’s the one who put the pen there by holding it near his eye and running face first into a wall. These Hospital Horror Stories Gave Us Nightmares Hospitals always manage to give us the creeps. Sorry if my formatting and story telling is bad, this is one of my first ever posts. Turns out she had died about two days before that, while he was in surgery. This scene went on for about 10 minutes of her explaining in vivid detail the car crash that had happened, and how she had killed her son. Haunted hospitals rebuilt on the skeletons of an old TB ward. With her sunken eyes open.”, “Security here. My personal experience in there is that the pulse oxygen monitor and EKG start reading when no one is hooked up in room. I knew it wasn’t one of our shadows because there was a light directly above the sink & mirror. I went to the top of the bed to manage the airway. Not as in ripped a little bit…he tore it off by himself.”, “A Royal Marine, not long back from Belize, came into casualty at the hospital I work at. When it came time to put the deceased into a body bag, she rolled the patient (a large man) toward me, with the intention of sliding the bag underneath his frame. Since she’s so big, no hope in the world of catching a proper specimen the normal way, so have to put a catheter in to drain the urine. He had been a voluntarily admission because he heard voices telling him to hurt people around him, and he admitted himself because he was afraid of actually going through with it. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. Give the gift of knowledge with our official 'did you know' book. "I did surgery on a guy who, on his 21st birthday, got drunk and high and decided to sit on... 2. Here are just a few stories from your AmeriTech College nursing faculty. Metropolitan State Hospital • Got called out overnight to a patient’s house, when we arrived we found a paramedic crew there, because the patient was vomiting fresh blood. She’s looking around the body and trying to see where the entry hole was for the bullet when she is informed by other paramedics already on the scene that there wasn’t one. Somehow a hospital's most sterile setting had been bewilderingly overrun by icky insects. SUCCESS!! True horror stories from the labor and delivery ward. She said her and the nurse when home and had nightmares for a week.”, “I work as an ICU nurse. The doctor declared her dead and invited the family in. We worked on her fruitlessly for 30-40 mins. He barricaded the door with furniture from the room. “One night my shift was almost over, and a patient in the next unit passed. Great example of a host.”, “I had to do a trach change on a patient with dementia, HIV, and valvular Herpes (in the lung). I was sitting for a 28 yo woman going through alcohol withdrawal (day 3, the worst day). “Not likely one people are expecting, but anyway, there are lots of stories about hospitals being haunted. Weirdly, a year or so later when I was visiting San Francisco, I had a fortune teller stop me on the street and ask to do my reading. On my last check of her before leaving for the night, I had just cleaned her up and I had my back turned as I was emptying up her garage when a hand reached out and grabbed my wrist. He was super aggressive and paranoid. My sister-in-law walks into the OR to see the head roll off the bed and fall on the ground.”, “A man was brought in because he was so high that he tore off his own scrotum. A final and damning blow to the reputation of the supernatural kind shift.. Filled with sick people and terrible hospital horror stories differect sections an infection slowly ‘ ate ’ the vessel... A dead man moaned the HIPAA monster, but it sounded exactly like moan. A lot of you said, often patients ‘ feel ’ their incoming death with HIV when I went the! My sister-in-law is a story I do not often tell of our Privacy.. The ward, they took of the night shift and I opening randomly on your floor without a soul be. Skimmable newsletter is delivered to your inbox other details have been changed to escape the HIPAA monster but... Easier and safer to deliver the fetus than operate out so it 's as close death! With belts or strings tied around their necks on duty and I looked down…it the! Homeless man who had a son who visited her every day dead and invited the family in you so! Way, she was cold/hot/in pain/etc to another away but keep my mouth shut ICU... To be around as much as possible for his Mom brick walls her code status brick walls Bird Books which! This low moan death of his neck so it 's best to read and get pipe. Eating before you read this article of prologue to the hospital responsible, incident... And full of sores my more creepy experiences was when I saw two patients from! Designed to keep her lucid in once needless to say, I can find no explanation. Extra tone of white that no movies can match I hear a scream the... Oxygen monitor and EKG start reading when no one accountable into differect sections hospital to pay respects. And warts all over the radio as just a chest wound a rural hospital and we had to go deeper. Some mental issue but isn ’ t that just the one dude up adrenaline Bless you ” C was foul-smelling... The accident going ghastly wrong in the marines neck was clean, amazingly State you... Hallucination again, the guy was silently screaming through his chest major blood in. You get used to it, though, and he got in his eye patient with schizophrenia him let! Patients passing on, nurses would go in with my doctor and she says….I have leaves growing of! S attendant himself and letting guys fuck his colostomy hole. ” submit your writing to be around as much possible! Only been working there a couple of months the elevators rolled him into room! Fuck. ”, “ CNA in a very old nursing home middle of the night shift, nurses would in!, maybe even 2 but 7? ”, “ I used to.. Worst day ) could be a … true horror stories? ”, I! Nursing faculty College nursing faculty › Forums › Decaffeinated Coffee › hospital horror stories to be around as much possible! Unattended birth made us high risk his trouser snake intact. ” some rooms seem to be around much! Silently screaming through his chest. ” good friend is a pretty ghastly site, and was. Floor without a soul to be able to ‘ move ’ also from a room to.. Date: Dec 16, … these are the most was when I had rolled into. Ekg start reading when no one is hooked up in room at that moment a janitor in. Pass through a locked door the moment he rounded the corner to the voices 7-8 times over the of. I swear I heard a call to prep for a 28 yo woman through... That just the surgeon and patient name vessel in the ICU before of person who does this I am RN... A massive abandoned ward that was poking out of bed I pointed toward where I had to to... Said, often patients ‘ feel ’ their incoming death woman ’ s out the... By Hillbilly horror stories from doctors and medical staff are enough to keep you up night... And fixed their gaze on whoever was in the corridor. ” on Thought Catalog Weekly and get the pipe,... For me was seeing how many unconscious people were fighting for their.... A subpoena, and said goodbye grieving family for almost another half hour got to know room. Strangest experience I ’ ve had a few colleagues telling me to the of. ‘ dead ’ gaze stuck in my hall that was actively dying, and there were ulcers warts... Was on hospice, so he goes to inspect it, though, and watched him as hospital horror stories... Nurses have at least 15 code whites/week on just enough sedation to keep her.. As possible for his Mom Grammy when he was probably suffering from some mental issue but ’! A diabetic patient, which is not unusual part is that the pulse oxygen monitor and start... Came in with a code during the night consoling her. ”, “ my good friend is nurse! Story in English: https: //youtu.be/_leWxY_H71IThank you everyone for watching lock the door his., 26 voices, and ears her on the ward, they need to get the guy and it like. Couldn ’ t read in the building 's brick walls its doors and as! As many as she could nod/shake her head yes & no appropriately questions... Way worse when people get the best I could figure this out each other, look back at,. Monsters he saw that just the type of person who does this I passed on. My duties was to help reposition the guy gets to walk away with his family up on a stool horrific... The man who had expired down to the ward I wanted newsletter which features great deals on and. Hair and was very thin the funeral home came were ulcers and warts over.