My ultimate goal and hope is that any Touchstone bred dog brings those around them as much joy and fulfillment as my dogs bring me. Follow our Facebook page to stay in touch. 7 days ago. If you are active, this is the dog for you. Find your new puppy here! Blue Sky Weimaraners. ALMAMATER Reg’d. 1 - 9 of 9 ads. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Being a BWCA Approved Breeder lets the buyer know that the breeder they are considering is a BWCA member in good standing and has: And for the BWCA Approved Breeder; when a potential buyer asks if you are a BWCA approved breeder, it indicates that the dog-buying public is becoming more ’aware’  and educated regarding the purchase of a ‘family member’ that will be with them close to 15 years and therefore want healthy, sound companions. Blue weimaraner puppies for sale . Because they are smart, they will continue to want to have their own way but once you train them, they will know it isn’t always so. Your email address will not be published. His ability to perform with speed, endurance and confidence is the reason for which he was bred. Find Weimaraners for Sale in Phoenix on Oodle Classifieds. Arkansas Weimaraner Rescue - Serving AR-OK, Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue Serving GA, DC Area Weimaraner Rescue - Serving DC- MD, Friends for Pets Foundation Southern California - Weimaraner Rescue of Southern California CA, Heartland Weimaraner Rescue Serving OK-MO-KS-IA-NE, LifeLine Dog Rescue- Central Florida Weimaraner Rescue- Serving FL, Louisville Weimaraner Rescue Serving KT-WV-IN-OH, Michigan Weimaraner Rescue Serving MI-IA-OH -ON, Midwest P.A.W.S Pointer and Weimaraner Rescue Serving MS-KS, Mile High Weimaraner Rescue- Serving CO-WY-NE-KS-UT-SD-NM, New York State Weimaraner- Weimaraner Rescue of the North NY, The Grayter Good Weimaraner Rescue Serving the Entire East Coast, Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue Serving NJ-PA-DE, Weimaraner Rescue of Texas Serving TX-LA-OK, Weimaraner Rescue of the South Serving AL-MS-TN-GA-LA. The Weimaraner Club of America established the referenced breed standard for the Weimaraner. The Weimaraner breed is known for some behavioral faults that can attribute to unwanted behaviors such as separation anxiety, self injury, aggression, destruction of property, ect. We have 3 males and 6 females Weimaraner puppies with beautiful blue and grey coats. Your association with BWCA lets Buyer’s know that you as a breeder are in agreement with and uphold the standards of the. Weimaraner Victoria, Texas, United States . The coat is extremely low-maintenance, short, hard, and smooth to the touch, and may range from charcoal-blue to mouse-grey to silver-grey or even blue-grey. We do things together: hit up hiking trails, play at the … PM Weimaraners – Dawna Miller, Montana. These are are amazing family pets who are great with children. Weimaraner Male, 1 year, 14 weeks South Bend / Michiana, Indiana. WARNING: If you have pet birds (eg. Blue weimaraner puppies for sale. Be careful not to be away too long, they tend to wreck havoc if they are left to their own devices. Speak to us and learn about our philosophy of dog ownership and see if it fits with your idea of dog ownership. Photo about Blue Weimaraner puppies at play. Quickly find the best offers for Blue weimaraner puppies for sale on NewsNow Classifieds. You will get a top notch bred dog by a top-notch breeder. They have a habit of shadowing their owner everywhere and are not happy when left alone. This dog, Cäsar von Gaiberg or Tell was the progenitor of the “blue” Weimaraner population, and he was bred extensively with greys. MT, United States. We collected up to 11 ads from hundreds of classified sites for you! More informations. Because they are pretty athletic with brains to boot, they also make very talented escape artists. There are hunting dogs used for hunting birds. See more ideas about weimaraner, blue weimaraner, weimaraner puppies. Good breeders become friends and you stay connected for the life of the dog. The average cost for all Weimaraners sold in the Texas area is $500. CALL OR TEXT 731 … £2,000 . When you are considering adding a Weimaraner puppy to your family it is encouraged to research the breed and contact several breeders and decide who is the right fit for your family. The originators of the breed in Germany did not establish blue as a colour in the standard. « Get A Vizsla Puppy From White River Kennels. Weimaraner Puppies For Sale. Find additional reputable breeders here:, Application to become an Approved Breeder, For more information about becoming a BWCA Approved Breeder, please contact dawna @ Touchstone Weimaraner puppies are bred with purpose and with specific goals in mind. Coat The coat is short, smooth and sleek. Let's Connect! Jonah x Josie Litter. Many reputable breeders are also associated with All-Breed Kennel Clubs in their area. These dogs do best with lots of exercise and enough room inside the home to play. I strive for excellent quality by starting with an outstanding foundation bitch and improving on her qualities by selecting complimentary studs. Coat and color. Unfortunately, I do not have any puppies available now, and my lists are full for 2020; however, I do have tentative plans for 2021. Proud to breed weimaraners. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. The breed’s haunting eyes may be light amber, grey or blue … I have a litter of three beautiful Weimaraner puppies all blue with blue eyes born on Oct.. Weimaraner, Florida » Orlando. parrots or other), be strongly advised that these dogs could kill pet birds easily. There are 11 puppies in this litter. do you know of anyplace in Florida that has them? We would love to get them to their new families. Ready to … About / Guidelines / Contact does not accept ads, sponsorships or endorsements, other than hosting costs which … Navigation . View more . The Weimaraner, also known as a Weimaraner Vorstehhund, Weim or Gray Ghost, is a large, all-purpose hunting breed that is prized for its distinctive gray-silver coat. How do I know if it is one?? I love to show, hunt and train with my pack which includes the traditional smooth coat , the longhair weimaraner & the German Short-haired Pointer. Weimaraner Puppies Description: The puppies in this litter are from AKC Registered parents and can also be registered with the AKC. We are happy to announce that Wrigley & Tank's upcoming litter of Blue Weimaraner puppies were born on May 17st.We now are taking deposits for Blue Weimaraner puppies available from Wrigley and Tank's litter. This standard includes requirements around general appearance, size, conformation, color, and more. The typical Weim has a gray or silver-gray coat; it is unclear when and where the Blue Weimaraner variety came into being. Will have the shots on the weekend of October 31st. We have 30+ years of experience raising and loving puppies. The Blue Weimaraner Club of America requires its breeders to obtain and make available hip and elbow scores (although dysplasia is not a major concern in the breed), as well as provide a complete medical history, including … Weimaraner Breeders Directory. Height/Weight Adult males measure 25-27 in (64-69 cm) at the withers, females 2 in (5 cm) less. ONE PUPPY LEFT !!! Classifieds. A properly bred Weimaraner will be solid colored, with maybe a small white spot on the chest. Casar von Gaiburg, the first Blue Weimaraner was among them. You may also leave us your contact information in the short form below, and we’ll reach out if we think there might be an available puppy for you. They are a family owned business of breeders and they know how to raise Blue Weimaraners. They do shed but not the way a longer haired dog would. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. I am a breeder of high quality blue and gray Weimaraners in Northern California. Contact White River Kennels today and find the perfect Blue Weimaraner for you and your family. Breed standard Weimaraners emerged in the late 18th century. My loving and adorable blue Weimaraner Rosie gave birth on Christmas Day to 2 blue and 3 silver-gray Weimaraner puppies. Call To Action . We own 220 acres in the country. Weimaraners are an athletic breed full of energy and personality. BREEDERS OF QUALITY WEIMARANERS. When it gets to that point, a new name will follow but we are a long ways a way right now. After extensive research into the breed itself and comprehensive inspection of recognised breeders throughout the UK, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a reputable breeder through a mutual friend. Select your province or territory: BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NL YT NT NV. Mom (Oakley) is our family dog and is registered with the CKC, and is blue in colour. That said if a new breed is being considered I believe a new name would also be acceptable, say the ‘Blue American Pointing Dog’ it would fall more into line such as names like the ‘American Cocker Spaniel’ per say. Becky I believe a lot of the ‘big whoop’ has moved on and is more over the use of the breed name. Responsible Breeders want what is best for the Weimaraner breed and they associate themselves with organizations that seek to promote, protect and improve the Weimaraner, such as the Weimaraner Club of America and other local Weimaraner Clubs. Breed standard Weimaraners emerged in the late 18th century. This was when I made the decision to explore the idea of owning a Blue Weimaraner. Our summer 2019 litter is now full and we have started filling up Mists winter litter for late 2019/early 2020. Welcome on the official website of the Weimaraner Association of Canada. Touchstone Weimaraners – Anne Taguchi, Southern California. I’ve fostered lots & lots & both colors & never understood what the big whoop was. Blue Weimaraner. His mother is a silver/gray. Thanks for checking our available weimaraner puppies page. I hope that’s not a problem, but would you have any suggestions or recommendations. A Word on Blue and Long Hair Weimaraners – Although the Long Hair Weimaraner is accepted in every country besides the USA, the long hair variety of coat will be disqualified from the show ring. Available Weimaraner Puppies. Click on my kennel name to find out more about us! Boonieland Kennels – Linda Wagner, Wisconsin. Here you will find information, history and a lot more about this wonderful breed. His name was Cäsar von Gaiberg, also known as “Tell.” He was an unusually dark Weimaraner, and is considered the progenitor of the Blues in America. We now are taking deposits for Blue Weimaraner puppies available from Wrigley and Tank’s litter. They are incredible loyal to their human family and commonly suffer from separation anxiety. Although rarer, the Weimaraner also comes in a longhaired version. seems impossobole in sweden. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site.